Immersive Learning

There is no doubt that immersive technologies have the potential to enhance student learning and help them achieve their next best you. It is also important for students to be exposed to new technologies during their studies to equip them for the workforce.

University is a champion of early technology adoption, and we are encouraging our faculty to use immersive technologies for their teaching.


Immersive technologies, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR), are powerful new ways to enhance student learning and student experience in higher education. Together, these technologies, that use 3D models and simulations for virtual immersion (VR), visual overlays on real world objects (AR), or for creating virtual objects that can interact with the real world (MR), are also referred to as extended realities (XR).

Richard Mayer on Virtual Reality (VR)

Dr. Richard Mayer is a prolific educational researcher and Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of California Santa Barbara.

Metaverse: What to watch out for

Dean Ikhlaq Sidhu dives into the history of the metaverse and considers questions to be answered as it expands.

Is the Metaverse here to stay?

Prof. Kiron Ravindran analyzes if this is a passing trend or a transformative moment.

The Metaverse - what is all this hype about?

An introduction to and the demystification of the Metaverse by Prof. Enrique Dans.

The differences between AR, VR & MR

There's a lot of terminology going around these days when it comes to new technologies. But what does it mean and what are the differences?

How can you incorporate XR into your teaching?

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Resources and infrastructure @IE

IE provides you with all the necessary resources and infrastructure so that you can build immersive learning into your course. And bear in mind, the immersion does not have to take place during class time. It can also be for class preparation which you then discuss together in class, or for students to exercise which you could use as deliverables for evaluation.

Immersive Rooms

Each IE campus does have an Immersive Room, where VR headsets are stored and available for loan. IT support is close by. Here students can do their VR prep-work or exercises during their personal study time or take out equipment on loan. You can also reserve this room for a specific session, if you are planning to have an immersive session.

  • IE Tower: Planta 18 IE XR LAB
  • MM Campus: Velazquez 130- VHUB2
  • Segovia: coming soon!


IE disposes of a fleet of Oculus Quest 2 devices which are available for IE students, professors, and staff. You can manage your reservation though ServiceDesk here.

Apps & Software

There are many applications that you can draw from.

Examples of IE faculty using XR in their teaching

Student Presentations in the Metaverse

IE Business School

Immersive learning & virtual collaboration

IE Business School

Putting theory into practice: VR, XR and MR

IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs

VR in class: a practical example

School of Architecture & Design

Immersive technologies for better learning

IE Business School

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