No other sailing event offers you such joy and value for money! Included in your ticket:

  • Seven nights of lodgment on board, from Saturday to Saturday.

  • Gender Balance     & Diversity, Theme Parties, Water Games and Fun Networking

  • Two Group dinners in top notch locations, followed by great parties

  • Experienced Skippers from The Ocean Week or Business School Sailing Community

  • Professionally Organized by The Ocean Week & IE Sailing Club

  • Sterilized sheets and two individual bathing towels

  • Cleaning and disinfection of the boats (beginning and end)

  • Merchandising Gifts & Goodies (including IE Sailing Club polo)

  • One SUP (Stand Up Paddle) board for each boat

  • Premium Yacht equipment: dinghy, outboard engine, GPS, nautical charts

  • Extra Premium Dinghy for added safety and confort

  • Photographer / Videographer to immortalize the best moments!

What typically is included in a ticket of this type of sailing events:

Seven nights of lodgment on board, from Saturday to Saturday.

Sterilized sheets and bathing towels

Yacht equipment: dinghy, outboard engine, GPS, nautical charts

Cleaning and disinfection of the boats (beginning and end)

What is also included in the ticket if our IE Summer Sailing:

Experienced Professional Skippers (+ they are super fun), equivalent cost of 150 euros/person

Two of the group dinners: equivalent cost of 120 euros/person

IE Sailing Club Polo: equivalent cost of 35 euros/person

Professional Photos and Video of the Event: equivalent cost of 60 euros/person

One Stand Up Paddle (SUP) per boat: equivalent cost of 15 euros/person

Extra Premium Dinghy for added safety and confort: equivalent cost of 10 euros/person

Gender Balance & Diversity with great people from IE and other top business schools: priceless

Early Bird

849 € Per person, shared double cabin, monohull sailing boat

Normal Ticket

939 €Per person, shared double cabin, monohull sailing boat


Late arrivals

1049 € Per person, shared double cabin, monohull sailing boat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can join?

You can participate if you are a Student or Alumni of any of the IE schools, including IE University, or from another top business schools. Alumni and Students from other business schools can also join on a limited basis. While our audience is business school students and alumni, it’s not restricted to MBA holders. Other master’s degrees are welcome to join! The more diversity, the better!

Diversity & Gender Balance

Because we want our events to be diverse and balanced, we strive to have participants from several different nationalities and a reasonable gender balance. In our three previous editions we had a perfect 50-50 gender balance and approx 70 participants from 25+ nationalities. The IE Sailing Club reserves the right to restrict the sales to specific audiences at any given time if necessary, in order to balance the composition of the group.

Our boats

The sailing boats available for booking are monohauls. There is very limited availability of commercial catamarans in the region of Algarve.  On the booking process we will ask participants if they are interested to upgrade for a catamaran. This upgrade will include an extra payment of 200 euros on top of the current price at that moment. Having into consideration cabins distribution, gender balance, etc., as much as possible, we will give priority to those that have booked earlier.


When you book, if you already know with whom you would like to share a cabin with, please mention it in the comments section. If not, whenever you wish to communicate a preference, please do so by writing us to our email Please note that preference expressed by whatsapp or other channels are not registered, you need to write us to our email. You can also tell us about your preferences, e.g., I would like to be in the same boat with X or Z. We announce the final composition of the crews approximately four weeks ahead of the event. We always aim to do the "puzzle" of the crews in a way that is satisfying for everyone involved, while also keeping the diversity, gender balance, etc.

Not included in the price

Individual Travel Insurance. Food, water and drinks for the crew. Extra meals, drinks on land and taxis. Travel to/from Portimão, Algarve, Portugal. Anything not mentioned in the items at the top of this page.

Diesel, Marinas & Port Fees are not included in the price. It is estimated a price of 120-150 euros/person/week depending on the consumption of the yacht and weather conditions.


If you need to cancel your participation, you can do it with the following penalizations that increase over time (the closer to the event date, the higher the cancelation fee). Please note that this excludes any transfer costs / payment fees associated, which we cannot refund given that they are charged by external entities (e.g. bank transfer cost, PayPal fees, etc.).

Cancelation fees: Until April 30th, 25% cancelation fee. From May 1st to May 31st, 50% cancelation fee. From June 1st to June 30tht, 75% cancelation fee. From July 1st, 100% cancelation fee (no refunds).

We have secured a Covid-19 clause with the charter company. In the event of an official travel warning and/or a travel restriction in place from 14 days before the start of the trip due to Covid-19, we would be allowed to postpone the trip to the summer of 2023 in a date to be confirmed without any rebooking fees or extra charges. In case you could not participate in the new dates of the event, in the spring of 2023 the bookings would be opened to new participants and the relevant replacements would be done, with the consequent refund (excluding transfer fees).

More Questions?

Write us an e-mail to!