Open call for IE Sailing Club Leaders

At the IE Sailing Club Leadership Team we welcome both current students and alumni.

We have been working like this for several years with incredible results! This hybrid model has allowed for continuity, we can leverage on the acquired experience, while at the same time bringing fresh blood, ideas and initiatives.

Every year we grow our family and enhance a global network that has, by now, 4000+ student and alumni members all around the world.

We are always looking for energetic students and alumni ready to embark on this adventure. It is not required previous sailing experience to apply to be a club leader. If you are interested, apply here!

Check out our main needs below - and let us know what role you want to take within the club and why you are the right person for the job. If you have other ideas, bring them on! Our club works in many ways as a small company. We organize high quality, value for money and unforgettable experiences for our colleagues. You can also be part of this very rewarding experience.

Come on in - and let the sea set you free! Apply here!

IE Regatta & Adventure Weekend

Do you want to learn and lead the organization of events? The IE Regatta is "the" flagship event and it has been voted in 2019 as the best club event of the year. The regatta usually takes place in Lanzarote (Canary Islands) and includes activities for experienced sailors, for newbies and for everyone all together. In November 22 we hosted the 8th edition :)

Other business school regattas

We are also invited by other business schools (LBS, Bocconi, Insead, IESE, ESADE, RSM, etc.) sailing clubs to their regattas, with options for different levels of sailing experience.  We organize the crews from IE and coordinate payments and simple logistics with the regatta's main organizers. The main locations are Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, etc.

IE Summer Sailing

The IE Summer Sailing is not a regatta, it's a social sailing event where we gather approximately 80 participants to spend one week of holidays together on sailing boats. In the past years we have been in Mallorca (2017), Ibiza (2019), Turkey (2020) and Portugal (2021 and 2022). This event has become another flagship of our club - and unforgettable holidays for many.

Social Media Management

We have an Instagram and Facebook page, and both of them could definitely benefit for having someone that could be dedicated to improve them. We have thousands of incredible pics from many events, but not enough hands, knowledge and time to make the most out of it!

Web Management

This is our official web - and yes, we are sure that it could have a better user experience, more relevant content, pictures, and in general be also more attractive if complemented with more and better periodical newsletters, and coordinated with our social media channels.

Creative Materials

We all know how important it is to have great visuals to promote our events in our different channels. Sailing events, courses, happy hours, many times we lack creative skills to develop more attractive posters, stories, t-shirt designs, event specific club merchandising.

Extra Events

If we don't do more, is simply because we are not more. Once we did a sailing weekend for newbies in the coast and it was incredible. Or to be more present in school events. Or to organize classes for those who want to learn more. People with ideas and committed to take the actions to make it happen.


If we get monetary sponsorships, our events will be more affordable for all the participants. If we get product sponsorships, we can add more value to the events' participants by gifting them useful and sustainable goodies. These take time to get, to manage, and they are a great way of being in contact with companies.

Photography & Video

We also spend part of our budget in getting photographers and videographers to register the best moments of the IE regatta and the IE Summer Sailing. If you have the passion and equipment, and want to develop your skills and portfolio, you must definitely join us!