Thu, Oct 8, 2020

5 PM – 9 PM (GMT+2)

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Segovia's Creativity Center
IE Creativity Center

Calle de la Moneda sin número , Segovia 40003, Spain

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This is the first within-premises event at IE Creativity Center. Produced by IE Campus Life, it is intended to offer the audience a multifaceted hybrid experience as it includes:

- The official opening Eter Exhibition (notions of identity)
- The face-to-face chance to talk to the (she & he) artists
- An exclusive panel discussion with IE Vice-Chancellor of Ethis, Diversity & inclusion Celia de Anca on The Second Sex
- A live concert by young gem Valdivia

Hosted by IE Creativity Center, Casa de la Moneda Segovia. In-person event that will also be on streaming vía Campus Life Facebook Page.

In the case of in-person attending, it is ESSENTIAL to specify if you are willing to attend the panel, see the concert OR BOTH because of COV-19 protocols. Hosted at the same room, different time. 

Reserve your spot by: 

- Getting one ticket of either event (see below), OR one ticket of both events
- Sending us an email to confirm & book your spot (very limited capacity) 

What is ETER?

Popular culture argues Ether to be an invisible fluid, an entity filling the whole space and a medium transmitting energy. Until the nineteenth century, eter was thought to be the fifth natural element complementing the other four -air, fire, water, earth-. As a real chemical unit, the ether is stable and reliable, even though the sonority of its etymological origin evokes volatility, myth and even fantasy. 

Besides historical contexts, Eter is first and foremost the new exhibition produced by IE Campus Life, and the newest project hosted by IE Creativity Center. Not only that, Eter is this multifunctional event aiming to offer IE Community a unique hybrid experience on October the 8th 2020. 

Thanks to the theme around which the exhibition gravitates (self-awareness, identity and human dualism in the photographic work of two young artists -Carmen Chacón & Carlos Voba-), we have programmed: 

- The official chance to visit the exhibition 

- A conference on Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex 

- A panel discussion with Celia de Anca and the two artists 

- The Live concert of young talent Valdivia to close the event. 

Please note: our premises are ready to guarantee Cov-19 protocols and so imited capacity.



Segovia's Creativity Center
IE Creativity Center

Calle de la Moneda sin número , Segovia 40003, Spain

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Co-hosted with: IE Campus Life

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