Tue, Sep 27, 2022

7 PM – 9 PM (GMT+2)

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Are you Creativity? 

Creativity is generally believed to be something external and attainable but, in fact, we as humans are first and foremost creation. We are creativity from the moment we exist since we come into being out of an incomparable change

Naturally, the course of our life comes with layers (cultural, personal, conscious, unconscious) which, although protective, are overlapping and may eventually dull our inner essence

This seminar will be a resource at IE intended to helping you understanding who you are, what is the meaning of our life, what are our barriers, how we can get rid of them when we need to. 

In essence, you will develop your maximum potential to connect with what we really are: light, change, primal creativity.

Launch with brief intro on 13th September at IE Creativity Center's Segovia headquarters. 
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Co-hosted with: IEU Student Government, IE Campus Life, My Well-Being

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