Improve health and happiness to achieve wellbeing and lifelong learning

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On Campus Human Resources

Tue, Nov 20, 2018

7 PM – 9 PM (GMT+1)

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SERRANO, 99-101
Paper Pavillion

Calle de Serrano, 99-101, 28006 Madrid, Spain

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Every organization has the capacity to enhance the capabilities of its workforce, achieve lifelong learning and create its own positive culture by improving health, happiness and wellbeing.

For whom?

This event is for anyone who wants to create a more human workplace. The speakers will talk about the means by which you may lead your enterprise, whatever its shape and size, to improve health, happiness, and to achieve high performance. In an age where everyone focuses on digital transformation and artificial intelligence, the organizations that thrive will be those which increase their care for humans - being able to gain value in an age where talent attraction and retention is a key differentiator, and where learning is a lifelong on-demand process.

The speakers will…

  • Highlight the top-level view of wellbeing and discusses the key organizational and societal issues for more humanity at work.
  • Look more closely at human nature, which sets the template for what the future of work must look like.
  • Provide guidance on the myriad challenges and opportunities ahead by formulating the right questions for your company.


SERRANO, 99-101
Paper Pavillion

Calle de Serrano, 99-101, 28006 Madrid, Spain


Rory Simpson's profile photo

Rory Simpson

Chief Learning Officer at Telefónica


Rory Simpson, a Scot, had parents who were polar explorers and this led to a unique childhood spending summers living with the Inuit in Greenland and Canada and later kayaking and climbing in Alaska, Finland, Norway, Nepal and throughout South America. This experience gave him keen insights for leadership that were honed from an early age. Rory is currently the Chief Learning Offi cer at Telefónica, and formerly Associate Dean of London Business School. In the last year he delivered leadership seminars in over 25 countries from China to Iran and Chile.

Steven P. MacGregor's profile photo

Steven P. MacGregor

Founder of The Leadership Academy of Barcelona

Steven grew up in Motherwell in the 1980s, an industrial heartland in Western Scotland that was devastated by a mixture of politics and globalization. Pursuing a PhD in Glasgow that took him to Stanford and Carnegie-Mellon, followed by teaching at IESE in Barcelona, IMD in Lausanne and CEIBS in Shanghai, he has helped improve the health and wellbeing of more than 20,000 managers worldwide through his Sustaining Executive Performance program. He is the founder of The Leadership Academy oftBarcelona with recent clients including McKinsey, Salesforce and Santander.