Purple Corner

#IEPurpleCorner is a friendly space for all IE community with access to resources in gender equality, such as bibliography on gender studies, monthly suggested readings, feminist games, brochures with practical information and our Purple Guest Book.

Purple Books

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"Jacobs helps us to understand the complex relationship between cities and people, as an opposition to the simplicity of theurban planning policy of the Modern Movement"

Manuel Pérez Romero

Chair of the Center for Sustainable Cities

"...provides an example of how -among the comic, the shameful and the ridiculous- the power imbalance between men and women is a reality in any part of the world and on any social class."

Laura Rodríguez Arias

Assistant to the Director at IE Center for Diversity

"...she is able to transform ordinary events and characters into something extraordinary and very special. I can say she changed the way I think about short stories now!"

Carolina Ferrer Rincón

IE University Adjunct Professor, Gender Equality and Development Expert

"Above all, there is one particular feature all these women have in common: their adamant spirit to overcome the most difficult situations."

Carmen Quesada

Student's Office

"...this movie is a reminder for everyone and specially girls to fight for what they believe in and push through any obstacles that might be in their way."

Wadad Assaf

2nd Year BIR, IE Girl Up Club Vice President

"Through this book you will find different case studies, stories and global research that illustrate the hidden ways in which women are forgotten and the impact that this has on their health and well-being."

Tania Romero Sommerz

Manager - Data Analytics

"What she has achieved is remarkable: the field of history has traditionally been reserved to men..."

Teresa Olombrada

3rd Dual LLB_BIR, Captain of the IE Football Team

"Bakhita is an example of resilience and strength"

Jesús Pascual Aragoneses

Audiovisual Manager - Communications Department

"...reveals the more personal side of her journey into becoming a feminist touchstone through the lens of her life as a nomad."

Anna Lown

Associate Director of IEU Counseling

"I see this as an intelligent reminder to not take the evolution we have done, regarding  women's rights, for granted, and to make sure we do not take any step back."

Julia Besa Bravo

4th Year BIR

"...Beloved as well as other novels and essays by Toni Morrison makes me be more prepared for work, life, citizenship and multiculturalism and therefore I strongly recommend its reading."

Alba M. Vázquez

Executive Director IE Women, Associate Director IE Center for Diversity in Global Management