Tue, Apr 9, 2019

6 PM – 8:30 PM (GMT+2)

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Segovia's Creativity Center
Creativity Center

Calle la Moneda, s/n, Segovia 40003, Spain

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Exquisite corpse or exquisite cadaver (cadavre exquis) is a collection of words or images that are collectively assembled. The results of such gathering are usually surreal and/or hilarious, yet always significantly moving.

Avant-garde Surrealists put such a method in the map at the beginning of 20th century in vibrant Paris. Theirs was undoubtedly a cultural and artistic revolution since an array of innumerable individuals from legion backgrounds worked together to form a very unique group of divergent thinkers.

Out of this idea, and guided by master Alberto Fernández Hurtado, three groups of students from IE University and the School of Arts and Design of Segovia, would interact in their own cadavre exquis during Humanities Week 2019 Segovia Chapter.

They are to work independently (one group could not see what the other is doing; each part of each canvas is individually, blindly, completed) on canvas to conform different parts of a body aiming to be the same.

Fun, provocative and very creative, the results speak for themselves.
Other art forms are of course more than welcome. Exquiste Corpse was in  fact, in origin, a literary movement.

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Segovia's Creativity Center
Creativity Center

Calle la Moneda, s/n, Segovia 40003, Spain


Alberto Fernandez Hurtado Fernandez Hurtado's profile photo

Alberto Fernandez Hurtado Fernandez Hurtado


Fernandez Hurtado

Born in Segovia (Spain) in 1975.    

Begun his artistic career as a multidisciplinary artist after studying illustration at the Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño “Casa de los Picos”, in Segovia. A self-taught artist in his beginings, while he studied product design, he later took a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art at Complutense University in Madrid. In 2007 received a grant from the Royal Academy of History and Art ‘San Quirce’ in Segovia.      

His work has been recognised with many prestigious awards in the past few years (Sainte-Maure de Touraine, Ejército de Tierra, AXA, El Pardo, Valladolid, Ciudad Real, Palencia, Lugo, El Ferrol, Boadilla del Monte, El Capricho), and is distributed in many public and private institutions.
 He avoids conventions and trends, focusing tirelessly on his project, consisting in delving into human condition through everything that surrounds him.