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Esteban Vicente Museum

Plazuela de las Bellas Artes s/n, Segovia 40001, Spain

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The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Esteban Vicente houses the extraordinary collection of works donated by Esteban Vicente (Turégano, 1903 – Long Island, 2001), the only Spanish member of the first generation of the New York School of Abstract Expressionism in America. The exhibition of this Permanent Collection alternates with temporary exhibitions and cultural activities such as lectures, recitals and concerts.

The museum is located in the medieval palace of King Henry IV, of the Trastamara family, whose construction dates back to 1445. In addition to its five exhibition spaces, the visitor can also enjoy its Renaissance chapel with its Hispano-Moorish carved wooden ceiling, currently the auditorium of the museum, and the garden where Harriet and Esteban Vicente’s ashes rest.

The narrative plan set out by Plutarch in his Parallel Lives has been one of the most strongly rooted in the history of literature. The history of art has also made frequent use of it, for not in vain did Vasari’s Lives, the foundational text of the discipline (as were those of Bellori later), have it as primary source, and it is well known the influence that both had on the biographical outlines that followed.

So it is not unusual that to date so many approaches have been made to pairs of artists through their intertwined histories, so as to thus describe the diversity of attitudes faced with the same reality.

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Esteban Vicente Museum

Plazuela de las Bellas Artes s/n, Segovia 40001, Spain