Bb ULTRA delivers a simpler, more powerful teaching and learning experience with a modern, intuitive, fully responsive interface. Bb ULTRA is cleaner, simpler to use and more intuitive than the previous version of Bb Learn used at IE.

Have a look at the training offerings available below. For specific questions, you can always drop in on our office hours!

The IE Online Campus on Bb ULTRA with a fresh look!

1.  IE Webinars

Who is it for?

IE full-time and adjunct faculty, IE staff.

We also offer some sessions specifically for new faculty who will start their classes this fall.

+++ The webinars will explain and explore functionalities from the faculty user interface only. +++

Introductory webinar topics

  • Ultra overview & course navigation
  • Create announcements, messages, course content
  • Overview discussions
  • Import content from Bb Learn
  • Overview assignments, tests & gradebook
  • Q&A.

Advanced webinar topics

  • Creating tests & assignemnts
  • Working with gradebookDuplicate and import contents from Bb Learn
  • Moderating discussions in Bb Ultra

In the "Upcoming Training" section you can sign up for specific events.

    Introduction Bb Ultra (Recording)

    by Ulrike Klaussner (July 2021)

    Managing Gradebook in Bb Ultra (Recording)

    by Dolores Pérez-Lafuente (Sept 2021)

    Introducción Bb Ultra (Grabación)

    by Dolores Pérez-Lafuente (July 2021)

    Gestionar Gradebook en Bb Ultra (Grabación)

    by Dolores Pérez-Lafuente (Sept 2021)

    2. Webinars by Blackboard

    The Bb webinars are comprised of two 90-minute sessions on consecutive days.

    Participants have direct access to product experts with extensive backgrounds in education and peers who are also preparing to use the Ultra Course View.


    Explore the Ultra course features and functions within two primary areas:
    (1.) Setting up and designing an Ultra course
    (2.) Using the course for assessment, interaction, collaboration, and learner support.

    3. Bb ULTRA Support Website

    Bb ULTRA support website

    On this website you can find step-by-step guidance for the most important functionalities to build and import contents. As you are preparing your course materials, this will be an invaluable resource whenever you are wondering "And how can I do this?".