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About us

The IE Marketing Club is composed of diverse & talented professionals in the IE Community who passionate about Marketing.

The club aims to serve as a platform that allows students to obtain valuable information on the industry & promote professional development to its members.

The goals of the IE Marketing Club are the following:
- Sharing Knowledge
- Provide insightful industry knowledge to and within the IE community Networking
- Provide students opportunities to meet and network with professionals in the marketing industry Career Opportunities/Recruitment Facilitation
- Introduce and facilitate career opportunities in marketing from companies interested in IE Business School's talent pool









Our Team

Margaux, Colette, Marie Dedenis Profile

Margaux, Colette, Marie Dedenis

President of the IE Marketing Club
Sanya Jain Profile

Sanya Jain

Maria Carlota Geraldes Pereira Profile

Maria Carlota Geraldes Pereira

Pauline Chua Profile

Pauline Chua

Event Coordinator
Alfredo Echeverria Castro Profile

Alfredo Echeverria Castro

Claudia Goetz Profile

Claudia Goetz

Vice President of the IE Marketing Club
Faton Turkaj Profile

Faton Turkaj

Event Coordinator
Lucía Inés Buscaglia Profile

Lucía Inés Buscaglia

Event Coordinator
Gagik Eritsyan Profile

Gagik Eritsyan

Event Coordinator
Josephine Van Malleghem Profile

Josephine Van Malleghem

Event Coordinator
Sarah Owen Beuth Profile

Sarah Owen Beuth

Head of Events
Beatriz Ramirez Ramirez Profile

Beatriz Ramirez Ramirez

E: marketingclub@ie.edu

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