InnovateXchange - Shaping the Digital Future between Ukraine and Spain

by IE Ukraine Club

On Campus IE Tower Innovation and ICT

Thu, Oct 5, 2023

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM (GMT+2)

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1) Intro  - 5-10 minutes 
2) First Speaker from IE business school - Morela  Scull "InnovateXchange - Shaping the Digital Future between Ukraine and Spain " - masterclass 15- 20 minutes  + approximately 10 minutes for the questions
3) Ukrainian Tech Community Members stories (2-4 people per 10 minutes for each speech) 
4) Panel discussion + Q&A session. Discussion about possible ways of collaboration between Spanish and Ukrainian IT and businesses. 
5) Networking part 

🌟Join us at the event where we will foster connections among Ukrainian IT specialists with the journalist and professor from the IE business school - Morela Scull. This event will also serve as an excellent platform for networking with the Ukrainian Tech/Digital community in Madrid.

Raising such an important topic as "Shaping the Digital Future between Ukraine and Spain” presents a unique chance for participants to understand how to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and leverage its transformative power.

The event is overall unique as there is an exclusive opportunity for both sides to talk about How Ukrainian tech & digital continue making a great impact despite all the circumstances and overall how the IT field has changed since the full-scale war started.

🗓️ Save the date and be part of shaping a brighter digital future for Ukraine and Spain.

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