Sat, Mar 18, 2023

4 PM – 8 PM (GMT+1)

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Join us on March 18th to raise funds for ISMUR and Afghan Women on The Run and support their efforts to attain Women enhancement.

Come dressed up (cocktail dresses and formal/semi-formal attires are fine!) to enjoy our Music Club & Dance Club gig and exhibition launch and winner announcement of the Arts Club & Photography Club previous contest, with a drink and some snacks, pose in the red carpet, get photos taken in your fit, win prizes in our raffle and meet new people!

**About the Exhibition: How can we use art as a tool of resistance? Art is a vehicle to obtain power over issues that affect us. Therefore, Through Her Eyes is an open photo & art exhibition that celebrates anyone and everyone’s expression of womanhood through their own point of view.  The exhibition aims to explore the connection between feminism, art, photography, human rights, equality, sexism... 

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Join us in celebrating 100 days of diversity—because the beauty is in the blend! 
Dress Business Formal
Food Provided (Silver Donor - Includes complimentary food + 2 drinks Gold Donor - Includes complimentary food + unlimited drinks)


ISMUR ( Instituto de la Mujer Rural )'s profile photo

ISMUR (Instituto de la Mujer Rural)

ISMUR (Instituto de la Mujer Rural) is a non-governmental organization based in Segovia, Spain, that was founded in 1989 with the aim of promoting the development of rural areas. It offers training and support to women entrepreneurs and farmers, and advocates for policies that support rural women's rights and interests. Through its programs and initiatives, ISMUR seeks to address the specific needs of rural women in areas such as education, health, and access to resources and services. It also emphasizes environmental sustainability and promotes a rural lifestyle that protects and conserves natural resources. ISMUR's work has received recognition nationally and internationally and has been awarded several prizes and honors.


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Afghan Women on The Run NGO

Afghan Women on the Run is a small group of women who are deeply moved by the dramatic reality of the Afghan people, particularly the women who face imminent danger and death. Their primary focus is to accompany these women in obtaining their passports and visa, either by land or air, to enable them to leave Afghanistan and seek safety elsewhere, such as Spain. The NGO "Un Gesto de Calor" collaborates with them in channeling the little money they receive to help these families. All the members are volunteers, and they are open to any help, including spreading the word about their project, raising funds, or giving a voice to Afghan women.


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