Wed, Mar 8, 2023

11:30 AM – 6 PM (GMT+1)

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We are excited to invite you to join our 7th Annual IE Women Leadership Conference: Reimagining Authentic Leadership, which will take place at IE University on March 8th (International Women’s Day). The conference will bring together leaders, experts, and professionals from various sectors to discuss the impact of inclusion in the workplace and the role of women in driving progress and positive change. As part of our collective effort to promote gender equality and women's leadership, come and contribute your insights and network with top professionals from across different fields!

Don't forget to check out our other events! Join us in celebrating 100 days of diversity—because the beauty is in the blend!

11:30h. Pre-conference Welcome (coffee networking & snacks)

12:00h. Opening Ceremony:

  • MC: Elizabeth Stallard, Associate Director, Undergraduate Alumni Relations at IE University.
  • Sabine Yazbeck, Global Head of IE Student Experience.
  • Gonzalo Garland, Executive Vice President, IE Foundation.
  • Angela Brito Gorriti & Irene Perez-Lucerga Garrido, IE Women in Business Club.
  • Johanna Jakobi, President of Student Government.


12:15hr. Women in Finance: The international foreign exchange market, private equity & beyond

Women in finance are breaking through barriers and taking on leadership roles in areas such as the international foreign exchange market and private equity. This panel will explore the challenges and opportunities that women face in finance, and discuss how their leadership will positively impact the sector. Together, we will examine how the changing landscape of finance is creating new opportunities for women to lead and innovate. Our panelists will highlight the importance of gender diversity and inclusion in finance. Join us as we explore the question: How can women in finance drive progress and positive change in the industry and beyond?

  • Intro: Sonia Buse, Master in International Development, Women in Business Club.
  • Moderator: José Mª Alarcón Escribano, IE Professor & International Business Manager, Santander.
  • Salena Lee, Director, M&A and Corporate Transactions EMEA, JLL.
  • Guiomar Martínez Andrés, Foreign Exchange Sales VP, Santander.
  • Paz Ambrozy, Founding Partner & Managing Director of Cuantia Capital and Partner of Itaca Capital.

13:00hr. Women’s Empowerment Challenge Awards

  • Maria Osman, Head of Transversal Initiatives, IE University.

13:30hr. Women in Tech: From Glass Ceiling to Tech Ceiling?

The technology industry has traditionally been associated to men leaders, but the tide is turning as more and more women take on leadership roles in STEM fields and break through the glass ceiling. This panel will explore the challenges and opportunities that women face in the tech sector, and discuss how their leadership will positively impact the industry and shape the future of work.

Join us as we examine how emerging technologies such as AI and the metaverse will shape the industry and create new opportunities for women. Our panelists, from a variety of backgrounds , will share their experiences, insights, and best practices for overcoming barriers and achieving success. As of 2022, women still make up only 28% of the tech industry workforce in the United States. Women make up 34.4% of the workforce of the U.S.'s largest tech companies. However, studies show that companies with more diverse leadership teams are more innovative and profitable, indicating that women's leadership is essential for the industry's success.

This session promises to be a dynamic and engaging conversation that highlights the importance of gender diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Join us as we explore the question: How can we move beyond the glass ceiling to reach the tech ceiling?

  • Intro: Maika Robledo, Master in Big Data, Women in Business Club
  • Moderator: Rafif Srour Daher, Vice Dean, IE School of Science & Technology.
  • Sara Alvarellos, Innovation Manager, NTT DATA.
  • Cristina Magdalena, Executive Partner, Gartner.
  • Elsa Arnaiz Chico, General Director & President, Talento para el Futuro.
  • Ana Paredes, Co-founder & CMO, SimSkills.

14:15hr. Women in Retail: Inclusion at the Forefront
Join us in a Fireside chat between Lola Bañon and Cristina Mateo. The retail industry is constantly evolving, and women are playing an increasingly important role in shaping its future, especially after Covid. This fireside chat will explore the ways in which women are driving progress and positive change, with a focus on the importance of inclusion and diversity in leadership. We will also discuss how retail can contribute to societal progress and city planning, as well as dive into the importance of the future of education and challenges that we face in attracting the right talent. 

As we navigate the complexities of the retail landscape, embrace new technologies, and build inclusive workplaces, this conversation will emphasize the importance of overcoming challenges and breaking down barriers through personal experiences.  

  • Intro: Tara Lopez, International MBA & Neda Keshtkar, Master in International Relations, Women in Business Club.
  • Lola Bañon, Country Manager Director of Carrefour Property in Spain & Executive Committee Member of Carrefour.
  • In conversation with: Cristina Mateo, Associate Dean, IE School of Architecture and Design.

15:00hr. Cocktail/Lunch Break
Raffle announcements for all participants!

16:00hr. Women in Energy & Innovation: Catalyzing Change through Positive Impact

The energy sector is at the forefront of addressing climate change, and women are leading the way in driving progress and positive impact in the industry. This panel will explore the vital role that women are playing in energy and innovation, with a focus on how they are catalyzing change and making a meaningful impact on the future of our planet.

Our panelists, who come from diverse backgrounds and companies, will share their experiences and insights on topics such as developing clean energy solutions, promoting sustainability, and creating a culture of innovation in the energy sector. Through their stories of overcoming obstacles and driving positive change, we'll discover how women are transforming the sector and inspiring others to do the same.

Join us to see how emerging technologies and changing consumer expectations are shaping the future of energy, and creating new opportunities for women to lead and innovate. We'll explore questions such as: How can we create more diverse and inclusive workplaces in the energy sector? How can we accelerate the development and adoption of clean energy solutions? How can women in energy drive progress and positive change on a global scale?

This engaging conversation will highlight the critical role that women play in driving innovation and positive impact in the energy sector. Join us as we explore the power of women's leadership in energy and innovation, and how together, we can create a more sustainable future for all.

  • Intro: María Estela Pichardo, Master in Lawyering and Corporate Legal Counseling, Women in Business Club.
  • Moderator: Paula Almansa, Director of IE University Strategy Lab.
  • Nuria Avalos Villamor, Director of Digital Consortiums, Repsol and Managing Director, IndesIA.
  • Hèctor de Diego Rivero, Senior EPC Manager Europe, R. STAHL Group.
  • Gabriela Rachadell del Delgado, Head of Energy Practice, InterJuris Abogados, S.C.
  • Marian de La Peña Cadenato, Chief Digital Officer, Ignis Energía.

16:45hr. Closing Panel: Innovation & Impact -Women Driving Change in the Workplace

The Middle East has emerged as one of the most dynamic regions in the world, becoming a global leader in innovation and technological transformation through visionary and bold economic programs. Home to more than 400 million people, boasting a young and innovative workforce of 103 million, and scattered across 22 countries, the region is remarkable for its diversity, and has become a hub for its Innovation & Impact initiatives across all fields, ranging from financial innovation, entrepreneurial success, and even climate change breakthroughs & technological disruption.

Join us for this conversation about how one of the most digitally connected regions in the world, is poised to make unprecedented breakthroughs in social and economic progress. For instance, more than 60% of university graduates in STEM in Saudi Arabia and in the United Arab Emirates are women. Still, they make up only 21% of the labor force and only contribute 18% to the region’s overall GDP. In a region where women remain a largely untapped resource, they are quickly changing mindsets about their own potential. This panel will explore women’s leadership is imperative to unlock the tremendous innovation and positive change in the workplace.

  • Intro: Daniela Aguila, Dual Degree Business Administration and International Relations and Derin Kurultak, Dual Degree in Business Administration & Data and Business Analytics, Women in Business Club Segovia.
  • Moderator: Elisa Hicks, Executive Director, IE Campus Life.
  • Sophie LeRay, Managing Director, Initiative Nice Cote D’azur, Program Director of IE RISE Inclusive Leadership Program.
  • Patrycja Riera, CEO, Inclusionem.
  • Maya Helbaoui, Head of Policy, Roche Middle East.
  • Eliana El Hage, VP Business Development for the MEA Region, IE University.

17:30hr. Closing Keynote Speech

  • Presented by Desislava Tsankova, Bachelor in Business Administration, IE University.
  • Santiago Iñiguez, President of IE University.

18:00hr. Event Networking at IE's Music Wednesday on the -4 Floor

Dress Business Casual
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