Purple Corner

#IEPurpleCorner is a friendly space for all of the IE community that provides access to resources that align with our mission to raise awareness about Gender Parity and prevent Gender Violence. Amongst these we can find: bibliographies on gender studies, monthly suggested readings, feminist games, brochures with practical information and our Purple Guest Book of the month.

Purple Content 2K23

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"Nadja is the ideal news website to understand the world in a more equal and diverse manner."

Yone Zubiaurre Alberdi

Guidance Counselor

"The verses are subtle drawings, and they are music..."

Victoria Gimeno

Director of Institutional Relations Development & Admissions

"Three different women in Madrid (...) and thus three different experiences of what it is like to be a woman."

Victoria Volman

Student of PPLE-BDBA

"A collection of stories about women in Haiti (...) from not being allowed to write, to exploitation and prostitution."

Sam Ferdinand

Student of Business and International Relations

"A guiding light through the problems of the world that seem too big to ever be solved."

Ruth Palmer

Associate Professor of Communication and Digital Media

"Life and loss from the perspective of a woman, wife & mother."

Keely Eisele

Junior Manager, IE Arts & Humanities Division

"A woman in a men's environment..."

Juan Alcalde

Advanced Seminars Program Manager

"A society governed by women..."

Miguel Larrañaga Zulueta

Vice-Rector for Student Affairs

"In every woman, there are powerful forces to discover... a book which connects with the female psyche."

Fuencisla Sanz Gómez

Assistant to the Rector

"A mental tour of the whole Art History in a mental museum..."

Antía Suárez Vilas

Library Coordinator

"This book... flagged Gender Equality issues that I hadn't acknowledged before."

Vanessa Allen Duque

Project Manager

Purple Books 2K22

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"A taste for beauty and freedom..."

José Luis Luque Blanco

Coordinator- Academic & Information Systems

"The portrayal of female body image has been a point of discussion for centuries in society."

Manuela Moscoso

Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media 2nd Year

"You Sound Like a White Girl is a wonderful revelation of 'American exceptionalism' and what it means to reclaim your identity."

Valentina Marcos Llamas

Head Web Designer of the IE Gender Equality Office

"The transformation of deep pain into disproportionate anger."

María Olmos Mochales

IE Student Experience

"Ruth King opens dialogue on the complexity of race."

Victoria Fontana

Adjunct Professor IEU

"This book recounts the journey of four native American women in an attempt to stop the construction of the James Bay hydraulic project."

Beatriz Lindo Mañas

Advisor, IE Editorial Knowledge

"A book of healing psychology and fighting patriarchy."

Ibrahim Al-Marashi

Visiting Professor IEU

"The main points of the reading are gender and ethnicity."

María Carlota

BCDM Student IEU

"Celebrate love of all kinds."


"Biographies of women creators."

Beatriz Díaz Sacristán

Adjunct and Visiting Faculty

"A story of art, love and loss told by a woman."

Poliana Muñoz

Project Manager