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#WomenWeAdmire: Bárbara Rey Actis

Bárbara Rey Actis is a ​​Project Leader and Consumer Health Marketing Manager at Kern Pharma, and an expert in longevity and senior consumer. We had the chance to talk to her and get to know her better. Here are some of her ideas and advice:

🌟 What has been the biggest learning (or takeaway) from the time you were at IE?

I would like to highlight the power of #networking. And I say this from a very profound conviction that networking is everything. We are no longer living isolated; we are part of an interrelated and collaborative ecosystem. This new mindset really made a difference in my way of facing my #career.

🌟 How has the IE Alumni Network added value to you after finishing your Master’s program?

As I mentioned before, one of the biggest and most remarkable takeaways I got from #IE was networking. IE has helped me build a strong #network I keep in close contact with.

🌟 What advice would you give to people currently studying at IE (or to recent grads)?

I invite them to enjoy this experience, to take perspective when times are hard, and priorities are difficult to manage. IE is very good at promoting #entrepreneurship and is a good opportunity to make an MVP or develop a #businessidea in a safe environment. Knowledge is very important, and IE is top-notch, but I would suggest making the most out of relationships, friendship, and networking. It’s a life-changing experience.

🌟 How do you define success?

My definition is very personal. I think that #success is when we can align what we think, what we say, and what we do while feeling deep satisfaction and peace. It´s related to the Ikigai because it goes beyond #purpose. Success is not a personal goal, but a social one. It should be linked to happiness, and happiness can´t take place if we are selfish. Again, it´s a matter of collaboration and giving back to others, aligned with our values and beliefs.

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