IEAWN & Women4Impact will lead a 2 hour workshop for IE Business School Alumni in Saudi Arabia to bring to light some new solutions or ideas to the challenges related with the future of work in a post-pandemic world.

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We all have experienced the incredible effects of the pandemic and how it is accelerating underlying trends, disrupting the way we work. What will be the future of work? How wide spread will the impact be? How do find solution for these global challenges, identify upcoming threats AND take advantage of amazing opportunities for innovation?

Our collaboration aims to expand your horizons and help you understand all of the possibilities that the problems in this extremely complex new world presents.

We believe that the most vital step in addressing these issues is to reflect on what ways these elements may be relevant to us as actors in any industry or work environment over both the short and the long terms. 

Here is how we will tackle these questions




50 mins - The Age of Disruption

Keynote presentation outlining the key disruptive forces shaping our world, examining their current and future impact and defining organization models that thrives in the new conditions of work.

50 mins - 'Explore' Exercise

The world changes every day and exploring how it may affect the Future of work is an exciting learning experience, which will definitively surprise you.
The Exponential threats and opportunities can be found at the intersection of global challenges, exponential technologies, business models and changes in the environment. All these elements represent external disruption that may be relevant for you, your organization or industry over both the long - and short- term. So let’s find them!

This exercise helps participants to gain a strategic overview of the most important elements that may shape the future of work.

3 Teams guided by an exo coach
Each team will explore 1 key area of the Future of Work
•Team 1 Work and Wellbeing
•Team 2 Future of workplaces
•Team 3 Future of corporate Learning

20 mins - Team Presentations

5-6 mins per team each sharing key insights & closure

File Attachments: W4I_Future_of_Work_Agenda_Terms

Dress Casual (jeans ok)


Bedor N. Alreshoudi's profile photo

Bedor N. Alreshoudi


IE Saudi Club

A mindful leader, delivery oriented and advocates for positive change. Bedor started her career in Banking and was the first recruited Saudi female in Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), building up her career to be an experienced professional with 13 years of practice in Strategy and Transformation, Management Consulting, Leadership and Change Management. She worked with key government center entities in KSA and was exposed to multiple sectors such as Healthcare and the Saudi Vision 2030 agencies.

Bedor was recognized with an “Ernst & Young (EY) Middle East and North Africa Female Role Model” award in 2016. Bedor is a member of the Saudi Management Consulting Association. Bedor believes in the power of teamwork and positive healthy leadership style.

Soledad Llorente's profile photo

Soledad Llorente



Connector, passionate about breaking limits through exponential technologies, innovation and extraordinary people, Driver of positive change. 

Soledad is an experienced professional in Innovation, Operations and Change Management within an international environment. She has developed her knowledge working for leading organizations such as Zara, Danone, L’Oreal, Visa, HP, Boston Scientific and others. Soledad coaches transformation Sprint processes driving these corporations and teams to adapt, transform and lead their disrupted industry. Soledad is a mother of 4. Her motto is: "To learn, share and amplify the skills, tools and technologies to create a better future”.

Academic experience:

Professor of Corporate entrepreneurship and Digital Operations at IE Business School, Soledad coaches final projects and thesis. She mentors young entrepreneurs and start-up founders at Area31 (the center of all entrepreneurial and innovation activity at IE). She is a certified trainer of the ExO Sprint Model and Purpose Launchpad Methodology. She is a contributor to the books “Exponential transformation” and “Exponential organizations v2” and Purpose launchpad methodology.

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Sahar Albaharna



Sahar is passionate about creating positive impact through problem solving. She believes in the power of abundance to achieve that. Professionally, she has over 9 years of experience in the technology industry where she managed and worked on projects in the telecom, financial services, and government sectors. Since 2009, she set up two businesses in Bahrain and was a founding member of the first tech accelerator in Bahrain in 2016. She is now working with tech entrepreneurs and organizations to solve business and social problems. Sahar holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Kent and an MBA from IE Business School.

Sahar is a mother of 2 girls and is passionate about creating a better future of education and work for everyone.

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Mais Jauhary



Mais is the Cofounder & CDO of Wegro creative business agency and a certified ExO Coach. She holds a BSc in electronics and telecom engineering and an MBA from IE Business School. Her experience varies from strategy cross functional big corporate projects to initiating her own small business around MENA. She worked in telecom, software & hardware, and creative industries. She is passionate about creating change through entrepreneurship and innovation. She started her first business at the age of 19 and is acting as a mentor for leading accelerators and startups in the MENA region.

Mais is also a mother of 3 and is passionate about empowering other mothers to find a career they can flourish in.

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Tanya Mair

Board member

IE Alumni Women Network

4 years ago I quit my 9-5 to become a full-time creative. I have a consulting company called Guided by Tanya, where I help people breakthrough the paralysing fears that keep them stuck in positions that do not serve them. I teach people how to identify what truly makes them feel happy, stay calm while facing their fears and get excited about change.


I am a mixed race woman, born in the U.S. but raised in Jamaica by a Colombian mother and Jamaican father. I have an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain and Chemistry BA from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and I worked 6 years as a software consultant at Mercer. 


To build a community/platform for women – especially minority women – who know that offers the support, resources, and wisdom to unleash their unlimited potential


To create a world where inclusion is natural, and all ways of working are appreciated and allowed to thrive.

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Paula Traore

Board Member

IE Alumni Women Network

An entrepreneur at heart I believe learning is about curiosity and discovering other paths your whole life. I like to approach everything I do with a fresh perspective and find either more efficient ways to do it, valuable insights or simply meaningful connections. With this in mind, I engage in entre/intrapreneurial as well as socially purposeful activities that generate concrete impact.

Furthermore, I like to help break down complex issues into manageable pieces and find the right path to solve or implement.  Sometimes that means opening the way. I bring to the table enthusiasm and commitment and am able to convey that while generating the necessary buy in within teams located all over the world.

I strive in diverse, vibrant and innovative environments, where ideas are brought from paper to life and am resilient during that process. I am looking forward to the next opportunity to help create economic or social value.


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