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Welcome to October's Digital Well-being Challenge!


Challenge Roadmap

Before the Challenge

(Sept. 25th - 29th)

Start warming up for the Challenge with Iliana Grosse-Buening's session on Digital Well-being

and our pre-challenge activities. Make sure you download the Workbook and read Week 0.


Digital Habits Audit & Goal-Setting

Check your current Digital Habits and define your Digital Goals to enhance your Digital Well-being.

Opens in: Oct 2nd


Understand Your Environment

Learn about how your environment creates triggers that influence your behaviors and Digital Habits.

Opens in: Oct 9th


Hack Your Habit Loop

Choose 2 New Tools that will shape your new Digital Habits and stand closer to your Digital Goals.

Opens in: Oct 16th


Consolidate & Reflect

Review your progress, plan for the future, and contemplate your month-long Digital Well-being journey.

Opens in: Oct 23rd

Benefits of Being Digitally Well

Be More Present

Differentiate better between your real & digital life. Give importance to the things that are truly meaningful in your life. Free up more time for real-world activities.

Be More Attentive

Pay better attention to things happening and their details. Be more empathetic, mindful, and prudent.

Be More Productive

Avoid distractions while working, studying, or doing other tasks. Channel use of technology into productivity rather than content consumption.

Be Healthier

Develop a healthier relationship with your devices. Know your boundaries, how to set them, and how to respect them. Prevent the mental or physical consequences of excessive use of devices.

For the Digital Well-being Challenge, you will need various interlinked resources.

You can start by checking the Challenge Checklist, your weekly guide with all new tasks, and your progress tracker. Make sure you fill out all tasks before October 31st!

Your Workbook will be your best friend throughout this month. Use that space to work on tasks and ensure good progress. Make sure to make a copy of the Workbook for your own personal use! It is your confidential space of reflection, we will at no point ask for it.

Here you can also check the Challenge's Terms & Conditions and the complimentary Mini Videos!



Access your guide to track your progress and cultivate personal reflection


Check out our weekly tasks to boost your Digital Well-being


Learn from these selected insightful videos to support your journey

Terms & Conditions

Get acquainted with the rules and guidelines that govern this Challenge


Here are Week 3's New Tools to try out! These Tools are effective and evidence-based practices that will help you build healthy Digital Habits. Make sure you commit to the selected Tools for an entire week.

These Tools are stepping stones propelling you closer to healthier Digital Habits. Ultimately, these practices will move you closer to achieving your Digital Goals.


Defining Specific Email and Social Media Checking Times

Opening your email inbox or social media accounts is time and energy-consuming. Doing it constantly highly influences your productivity, attention, and general well-being. When checking for new messages, you shift your focus, get overwhelmed by all the new information, increase stress levels, and get mentally distracted.

The Tool: Schedule a daily limited number of times to check your email & social media accounts. Set specific times throughout the day to open your inboxes and check your social media notifications. That way, you make more intentional use of your time and avoid constant distractions.

Controlling Technology Usage with a Phone Drawer or Pouch

The environment surrounding us directly affects our behaviors and habits. Just from having our phones in sight, we lose focus, and our cognitive availability worsens. Automatically, we tend to get distracted.

The Tool: Use a phone pouch or choose a drawer to leave your phone in while working or studying. This way, picking up your phone becomes an active and intentional decision, forcing you to think twice. This Tool will help you save time from distraction and commit to more meaningful work. It is a visual reminder to focus on what truly matters and escape the urge to become distracted.

Changing your Devices Screen to Grayscale

Designers conceive smartphones that optimize the user experience. Within that framework, colors play a major role in making the experience highly satisfying and addictive. Our brains are attracted to bright and shiny things, making colors play an important role in making you stick to your screens.

The Tool: For the next week, activate the grayscale mode on your phone. You will force your smartphone to display everything in shades of gray, blocking the visual elements that generate addiction. It will make your phone less engaging to use, encouraging a more meaningful use.

How to turn Grayscale on: for iOS and Android.


Turning off Phone Notifications

Notifications' job is to grab your attention and inform you of incoming information. Their core purpose is to catch your attention, independent of what you are doing. However, knowing everything at all times comes with a cost. Notifications make you lose focus, get distracted, and generate addiction.

The Tool: Open your phone settings and turn off your notifications for the week. You will see how you gain control over your phone instead of vice versa. It will help decrease your stress and anxiety levels, the feeling of being overwhelmed, and increase your productivity and focus. You will feel more calm, in control, present, and conscious about your Digital Habits.

Establishing No-Phone Zones

It is our new reality - our phones have become part of our routines and are one of our major daily time-consumers. Being constantly online can increase stress, anxiety, loneliness, and sleep deprivation. Using your devices for insignificant matters decreases our connection to ourselves, others, the world, and reality.

The Tool: Choose places in your home or office to unplug from technology. You can choose a bedroom, kitchen, lunch area, or terrace. Don't take your devices there. Allow yourself to reconnect with and be present in the activities and world surrounding you.


As a show of gratitude and celebration for partaking in this Challenge, we offer participants an array of helpful Prizes for their journey of growth & self-transformation.

Check out what you can earn from partaking in the different stages of this Challenge and how to ensure those Prizes!



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