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About Us

The PLE Society is a new initiative run by mostly PLE students. Even though the club will be named PLE Society, the events of the club will (mostly) be open to students from all degrees. The name comes from the idea to create a Club that similarly to our degree focuses on the interception of three major disciplines: Politics, Economics, and Law. Nonetheless, this club does not only strive to create value for the entire IE Community, where we aim to create a space to host exciting and interesting events on relevant and current topics/issues and create a space for open discussion, debate and exchange, but this Club also strives to create a PLE Community. The idea is to connect all years of PLE students and keep them connected for the future. This means, we also focus on creating bonds and links between the different PLE years, and want to create an interconnection and community for all current (and future incoming) PLE (and varieties, PPLE etc.) students.