Our Purpose: Fostering positive change through education, research and innovation

Sustainability Townhall

Our goal is to promote initiatives that encourage the importance of community, environment, human connection and all other aspects of Sustainability.

Everyone at IE – students, faculty, staff and alumni - can participate presenting proposals that positively impact the campus community and the cities of Madrid and Segovia.

Being a part of a community unites us, fostering cohesion and resilience which allows us to be adaptable to whatever the future may hold.

To that end, we have created the Sustainability Townhall to regularly evaluate proposals for initiatives that the ST could help support. The ST will meet every 2 months, all proposals will be reviewed by the jury members and only those that match the evaluation criteria will have the opportunity of presenting to potentially receive funding.

Approved proposals will be funded up to 1.000€ (depending on evaluation, budget and feasibility).

Permanent Townhall Jury Members:

  • Elisa Hicks - Campus Life
  • Geoffroy Gerard - IE Foundation
  • Nicole Rosow & Isabela Alcázar - Sustainability Office

22nd January 2024

Our next Townhall meeting will take place on January 22, 2024  from14:00 - 15:30
Location to be confirmed, we will have a welcome drink for all the attendees.


All applications will be reviewed and we will contact the team with further instructions.

Please scroll down to submit proposals.

Call for Proposals


Proposals should be aligned with the 10 year Challenge.  They should be initiatives that are “by our community, for our community,” including local communities in Madrid and Segovia. Additionally, they should be activities that:

  • Are co-created, (i.e., among students, across departments, with faculty/staff and students, with outside organizations, etc.)
  • Are related to some aspect of sustainability
  • Foster a human connection and a sense of belonging



RELEVANCE: 1, 2 & 3 are a must.

1. Initiatives MUST fit into any of these categories:

a) New ideas on treatment and disposal of waste: reuse, recycling, composting, recovery, storage

b) Non for-profit activities to build community

c) Circular economy / Cradle to cradle

d) Energy efficiency and reduction of footprints

e) Transparent Governance/Leadership models

f) Recognition/rewarding systems management

g) Value chain relationships

h) Proposals to foster behavioural change towards sustainability in our community

i) Increasing biodiversity

j) Team building activities with social or environmental impact

k) Systemic change

l) Integration, inclusive, equality, diversity initiatives

m) Health and safety on campus of our community

n) Other – why should we consider this initiative if it doesn’t match criteria? Explain

2. Initiatives should be for the benefit of the Madrid or Segovia campuses or communities, or the communities where IE has a global office.

3. Does the proposal increase awareness about any SDG?


4. Number of people that the initiative will impact – the more the better

5. Is it an effort that can be easily replicated?

6. Will the benefits last?


7. Direct economic impact in local communities

8. Indirect economic impact in local communities

9. Indirect social impact in local communities

10. Direct social impact in local communities


11. Is the project co-created among different groups?

12. Does the project realistically consider barriers and obstacles with proposed solutions?

13. Does the project generate human connection and/or a sense of belonging?