Wed, May 12, 2021 5:00 PM –

Fri, May 14, 2021 8:00 PM (GMT+2)

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What is the IE Behavioral Science week?

This is the first annual student-led Behavioral Sciences week, made to bring together behavioral science enthusiasts of all backgrounds while giving them the chance to use applied behavioral sciences to solve real-world problems in an exciting competition. During this week, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in webinars and workshops, learn about different topics and themes, and put their knowledge together to solve a case.

Why is the IE Behavioral Science week important?

Behavioral Science is a growing field, and more and more organizations are becoming interested in it. However, there are little to no behavioral science events where students can come together and use their knowledge to solve real-world problems. These events and the competition will give students the chance to get to know each other and expose themselves to the world of behavioral science. This event will continue to raise awareness and grow interest in the behavioral science field by providing an opportunity to learn about the topic and get involved in solving a real-life case.

What you need to know: 

Who can attend to the events?

  • Anyone.

Where will the events be held?

  • Online, over Zoom.


  • Completely free.


Past Events

Fri, May 14, 2021
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
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Changing behaviour is hard. Generating engagement, increasing adherence, improving retention, and maintaining growth — online or offline, it doesn’t matter. It’s hard. The good news? Behavioural Design makes it easier. Combining insights and methods from behavioural science, behavioural economics, and data science with UX and service design, this emerging field has started to change the way we create products and services. What makes Behavioural Design exciting is that this convergence of approaches and insights often leads to the sum becoming much greater than its parts. This talk will explore the process behind how we can work at this intersection of design and behavioural science and a tool that helps us design for behaviour change most effectively.

Fri, May 14, 2021
6:00 PM – 7:15 PM
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Using behavioral design to influence and persuade others

In this event behavioural experts from Cowry, Impactually and Ogilvy will be telling us how they use behavioural sciences to design solutions and will give some examples of what they have done at their companies.

Raphy March - Cowry

Event description: At Cowry, they take a different approach to use Behaviour Design, as they believe behavioural design has always been about incorporating the behavioural science with graphic/UX/UI design to make it more behaviourally compliant. In this event, Raphy will be explaining how she uses Behavioral science to design solutions, and will explain the difference between Behavioural Design vs Designing Behaviourally.

Christina Gravert - Impactually

Event description: Reminders can change behavior – but how do we maximize their impact without annoying or alienating recipients? In this talk, Dr. Christina Gravert will share her field experimental research on reminders in different domains. Find out why plain reminders might be better than reminders with lots of information and why the people who seem not to need reminders might be most interested in receiving them.

Dan Bennett - Ogilvy

Event description: The power of combining behavioural science with the fields of creativity and innovation. Behavioural science at its simplest gives us more options, people often think besci is deductive, but actually used correctly it can be very divergent and open up the solution space.

Thu, May 13, 2021
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
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Behavior and Policy Applications Around the World

Geographical region: ASIA

By Prakash Sharma - How to create better behavioural solutions by understanding the context? Context Architecture is the way 1001 Stories from India implements behavioural solutions. Prakash Sharma, Co-Founder, 1001 Stories explains how the art of applying context to solve problems for brands, society and organizations.

Geographical region: SOUTH AMERICA

By: Julián Arango and Silvia Cottone - In this talk, Julian will discuss the growth of the field of Behavioral Science in Latin America (with focus on Perù / Colombia). He will give an overview of some challenges Behavioral Science companies have to face when encouraging organizations to experiment and some challenges in experimenting in developing countries.

Geographical region: AFRICA

By Kelvin Kihindas - He will talk about what behavioral science requires us to do i.e. testing, ideation, prototyping and execution in reference to policy making process, The policy process is normally conceptualized as sequential parts or stages. These are (1) problem emergence, (2) agenda setting, (3) consideration of policy options, (3) decision-making, (5) implementation, and (6) evaluation (Jordan and Adelle, 2012). Specifically based on the current COVID19 pandemic based on policies put in place. Did the policy makers, government put in consideration the general populations needs before imposing policies in relations to public transport, closure of eateries, Impose 4am to 8pm curfew in Kenya.

Geographical region: EUROPE

By Guy Champniss - From KiloWatts to Vaccines. In this session, I'll share some topline learnings on delivering behavioural science to improve outcomes from how we use energy at home (do less) to how we learn at work (do more). As well as the science, I'll also give some thoughts on what I think is needed to effectively take behavioural science into business and policy.

Geographical region: NORTH AMERICA

By Marta Garnelo Caamaño - She will present recent findings from BIT's work with city governments in the United States. This will include results from an experiment aimed at lowering burnout in 911 dispatchers and call-takers.

Wed, May 12, 2021
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
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Behavioural Science in Finance and its future

We have two outstanding speakers opening our Behaviour Science Week!

Hugh Massie, a behavioural insights pioneers, entrepreneur, award-winning author and mentor will demonstrate how behaviour and money attitudes are inherently integrated, thereby influencing every decision a person makes. Participants will experience with real-life stories and interactive demo's across a wide range of business areas how a proven Behaviourally SMART methodology combining unique behavioural and financial personality backed by extensive research can be used to guide leaders and their teams so that they do not make flawed decisions under pressure.

Alvaro Gaviño, a Behavioural Economics Global Leader at BBVA, will close the event discussing the future of behavioural science and artificial intelligence. He will explain how the current technological advances in artificial intelligence will shape the future of behavioural science, allowing for companies to give a step forward in applying behavioural economic principles with machine algorithms.

Wed, May 12, 2021
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Private Location (register to display)
How to use Design Thinking to approach a challenge

How do we use design thinking to approach a challenge? Andrew will explain how design thinking can applied to real life problems.

Andrew, as a designer, creative director or strategy consultant advises organizations on creativity, strategy, innovation processes, user experience, business strategy, and design.

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