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About Us

Hi! Welcome! We are students from IE who are passionate about entrepreneurship and want to spread that passion with each and everyone in the IE community & beyond.

We strive to become the main gateway for IE students to succeed at entrepreneurship through valuable & quality content, engagement, practical skill building, partnerships with relevant clubs and connections within the industry.

We take great care to be an international and diverse club and align all our goals with a legacy in mind that we want to build and honour.









Members Benefits

Our members have many benefits !

We are a 5500 membership strong club and continuously growing. The IE entrepreneurship community is one of IE main pillars.

Learning best from talking to others. That is our motto and we enable you to get to network and exchange ideas and aspirations.

We provide the possibility to learn from entrepreneurs who went through the ups and downs.

We make you feel immersed in an environment that is there to inspire, support and motivate your entrepreneurial curiosity.

We regularly organise events of a multifold of natures, keep you informed through a newsletter, recommend relevant articles to continuously build your knowledge and put you into the optimal positions to get ahold of opportunities with startups.

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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

Raghav Agrawal
Amelie Sophie Sohler
Event Manager
Georges Debbane
Valentina Vaggione
Cassandra Christian
Marketing Manager
Paul Guinard
Event Manager
Diego Mata Saravia
Event Manager
Hieu Vu Nguyen
Event Manager
Diego Rubio Gutiérrez
Kim Aileen Varnai
Pilar Belén Calvoz
Event Manager
Noah Herrmann
Event Manager
Eugenio Gulminelli Barrau


IE Entrepreneurship Club

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