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The IE Fashion Club will be an organization bringing together passionate people wanting to impact the IE community and the fashion industry. There will be three main objectives or founding principles the club will represent; and they are as follows: 

  • Information

  • Career

  • Entrepreneurship


We will be the source of information and knowledge for individuals to learn about the industry. This includes workshops/info sessions about fashion trends, consumer behavior, fashion lifestyles, styling tutorials, sustainability, e-commerce, marketing, technology, supply chain and much more. 



Club members will have the opportunity to consider fashion and retail as a career option. We will leverage the IE network (alumni, teachers, faculty and current students) to connect interested individuals to professionals in the industry.



The IE Fashion Club will represent the entrepreneurial DNA of IE by offering insight to business and innovation throughout the fashion industry. Individuals will learn, network and develop the skills necessary to run a successful business. Whether that is starting their own fashion line, startup concepts or build on an existing one, the club will be an environment for innovation and creativity.