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What is the IE Music Club?

The IE Music Club is our joint attempt, as musicians in IE, to create an active musical atmosphere in which we can all participate, grow, and enjoy.

We achieve this by connecting musicians here at IE, organising concerts for members to participate in, enabling jam sessions, songwriting and production sessions where you can take your ideas to the next level, and occasionally educational sessions for members to partake in.

If you feel like this is somewhere you would belong, you are totally invited to join us and contribute to the IE music community.










Every now and then, opportunities come up for us to perform. These are great opportunities for us (and you!) to showcase the talent we have here in IE, in front of fantastic audiences.

Join us to become part of these opportunities!


One of, if not the main objective of this club is to bring the musicians in IE together so they can sum their talents and create much greater music.

We do this through jam sessions, production sessions, and songwriting sessions.

In a jam session we will meet up at a studio or locale to simply gather and play the music we want, or perhaps music which we need to practice for a concert.

Production sessions are exactly as they sound. Members with ideas that are ready to be developed can head into the studio with a producer and make their ideas come true.

Finally, in songwriting sessions, members can meet up and collaborate to write songs which they can then develop in subsequent production or jam sessions.

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Our Team

Jean-Baptiste El Khoury Profile

Jean-Baptiste El Khoury

Arturo Velilla Martinez Profile

Arturo Velilla Martinez

Event Officer
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Tancrède Charles Maximilien Caius Thoma

Creativity Officer
María Amelia Frías Raposo Profile

María Amelia Frías Raposo

Event Officer
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Nikita Monakhov

Event Officer