Meet Club Leaders

Uswa Abduljawad

President of IEU Music Club Madrid

"I came to IE to pursue a career in business. Now, as a 4th year BBA student, I have realised that my true passion lies in marketing, encompassing both the strategic and creative sides. Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Within the first couple of weeks at IE, I joined the Music club and never looked back since, acting as president for the last two years."

Liza Azar

President of IEU Dance Club Madrid

"Hello Everyone,

I am the President of IEU Dance Club since now two years. It has been a pleasure to meet so many people, dance together and share the same passion that is dance!"

Maria González

President of IEU Arts Club Segovia

"I'm Maria Gonzáles, 4th year architecture and I'm from Madrid. I was also the arts club leader two years ago in my second year and I'm very passionate about arts and design, they take an important place in my daily life and since I started going to the arts club I have noticed how the club is growing into something solid and very interesting and my artistic skills as well."

Covadonga Romero

President of IEU Arts and Business Club

"I’m an International Relations student, but I’ve always been deeply passionate about the Arts. The IE Arts & Business Club has been a key part of my university experience since first year, and having presided it for over a year now, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the artistic community within IE grow and consolidate. I hope for the Club to keep evolving into a platform for art lovers of all backgrounds, and to keep creating opportunities for learning, creativity, and professional development."

Anna Hattig

President of IEU Improv Club Madrid

"My name is Anna Hattig, I'm a fourth year LLBBIR student at IE Madrid Campus. I am from Berlin, Germany, and have been doing theatre since high school. When I was in 1st year I founded the Improv Club (back then still called "Drama Club") and have been leading it since."

Bo de Boer

President of IEU Music Club Segovia

"I am Bo de Boer, a second-year BBA student currently studying at the Segovia campus. Here, while actively pursuing my bachelor's degree, I have had the chance to continue my passions, one of which is music. Being a member of the music club as a vocalist in my first year allowed me to keep practicing my hobby, to improve my skill, to meet many other passionate musicians, perform at various events, and, most importantly, it allowed me to enjoy some incredible moments which add valuable memories to my university experience. My genuine joy of being a member of the music club in my first year has led to me taking on the role of the club’s president this year. I am more than excited to share the magic of the club with new members, providing them with a space to collaborate, improve, and enjoy music!”


President & Founder of IEU Fashion Club Madrid

I was born and raised in Argentina. Before doing my MBA I was a product manager at Rapsodia an Argentinean apparel brand. I’ve been passionate about fashion all my life, I believe is a fascinating and fun industry to work at. When we founded the Fashion club our aim was to develop in the IE community the same passion we have for the industry.

Nivedita Huple

President of IEU Theater Club Segovia

"Hey, So I am a 4th year Architecture student and have been part of the theatre club since it was founded 3 years ago. Since then it has been a true journey filled with highs and lows. I did not come to IE expecting someday to be part of something as elaborate as this club... but expect the unexpected right?"