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We are elated to present a new online literary and arts magazine. GallerIE will be a submissions-based creative hub to showcase the creative achievements of our IE community. All artistic forms of expression are welcome, from poetry to student films! GallerIE also works with the arts society to host events that integrate the Madrid and Segovia campuses to showcase and celebrate artistic expression and innovations created by students both in and beyond the classroom.

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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

Gede Putra Witsen
President - Moderator of IEU Arts Society
Isabella Mariana Gotera
Madison Cheyenne Wright
Vice President of IEU Art Society
Daniela Vorobiev
IEU Engages Club Madrid
Bo Anne-May De Boer
IEU Music Club Segovia
Arturo Cuesta
IEU Book Club Segovia
Teresa Olombrada Rodríguez
IEU Film and Photo Club Segovia
Alessandro Franco Rota
IEU Theater Club Segovia
Nicole Araya Cambronero
IEU Dance Club Madrid
David Meshaka
IEU Music Club Madrid
Ida Rut Amalia Nydelius
IEU Arts Club Segovia
Anna Lotta Hattig
IEU Improv Club Madrid
Bibiana Eva Bartschová
IEU Arts and Business Club
Juan Carlos Redondo
Faculty/Staff Advisor
Maria Bravo
Faculty/Staff Advisor

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