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The IE University Law Society is a dynamic student organization dedicated to fostering a community of future legal leaders and promoting the exploration of diverse legal perspectives.









Upcoming events:

Stay tuned for our exciting upcoming events, featuring thought-provoking panel discussions, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities designed to enrich your legal journey.

Our Team:

Meet our dedicated team of passionate individuals who are committed to shaping the future of the IE University Law Society.

Genesis Alejandra Gil Perozo Profile

Genesis Alejandra Gil Perozo

Event Management Director
Shayyan Ahmed Profile

Shayyan Ahmed

Events Officer
Fiona Marie Young Fenstermacher Profile

Fiona Marie Young Fenstermacher

Events Officer
Diego Emilio Linares Avendaño Profile

Diego Emilio Linares Avendaño

Events Officer
Trinidad Fellmann Izurieta y Sea Profile

Trinidad Fellmann Izurieta y Sea

Events Officer (Madrid Campus)
Sebastian Anton Olusegun Wusu Mobee Profile

Sebastian Anton Olusegun Wusu Mobee

Events Officer (Madrid Campus)
Gerardo Naranjo Franco Profile

Gerardo Naranjo Franco

Director of Outreach and Media (Madrid Campus)
María José Montalvo Engelbrecht Profile

María José Montalvo Engelbrecht

Events Officer (Madrid Campus)
Reed Alexander Fliegel Profile

Reed Alexander Fliegel

Journalist Officer (Segovia Campus)
Jorge Velasco Maroto Profile

Jorge Velasco Maroto

Event Management Director (Segovia Campus)
Marina Martins Carneiro Profile

Marina Martins Carneiro

Segovia Media and Outreach Officer
Mario Sans Majuelo Profile

Mario Sans Majuelo

Coordinator Segovia Campus
Adam Paska Profile

Adam Paska

Editor and Director of Journalism
Iona Angelika Steger Profile

Iona Angelika Steger

Journalist Officer (Madrid Campus)
Desiree Rommy Antonia Schottenhamel Profile

Desiree Rommy Antonia Schottenhamel

Administrative Director
Alba Carralón Merino Profile

Alba Carralón Merino


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