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IE Center for Health, Well-Being & Happiness

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About Us

The Center for Health, Well-Being and Happiness is about human performance, human development, and ultimately living and working well – and happily. Our focus is on people, our people. Our students, our staff, our faculty and our alumni. Our goal is to help them perform at their best now, and to develop critical skills to live and work well along their life pathways. And to do this we draw findings and methodologies from science – medical science, health science, and positive psychology.










Our bodies play a critical role in giving us the energy and stamina we need to perform at high levels in our academic, professional and personal lives. The Center places a strong emphasis on simple techniques and tools that focus on the Body as a critical element of human performance


Our second pillar is the Mind, emphasizing practical methods to improve our attention, science-based techniques for building positive relations with others, and tools for thinking more clearly and carefully about ourselves and the challenging situations we face daily.


Our 3rd pillar focuses on providing people with practical ways to define and cultivate their “purpose” – the larger motivations that help propel our lives forward in positive directions: social relationships, meaning and social impact, and connection to nature and the world beyond ourselves.


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IE Center for Health, Well-Being & Happiness

Calle María de Molina 31
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