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Discover a pathway to optimal living at our esteemed Center. We support students, staff, faculty, and alumni with resources for peak performance and lifelong success. Integrating scientific research in medical science, health science, and positive psychology, we guide you toward your best self. Explore our vibrant center for invaluable tools and services to enhance your well-being. Join us on this transformative journey today.


Our bodies play a critical role in giving us the energy and stamina we need to perform at high levels in our academic, professional and personal lives. The Center places a strong emphasis on simple techniques and tools that focus on the Body as a critical element of human performance


Our second pillar is the Mind, which emphasizes practical methods to improve our attention, science-based techniques for building positive relations with others, and tools for thinking more clearly and carefully about ourselves and the challenging situations that we face daily.


Our 3rd pillar focuses on providing people with practical ways to define and cultivate their “purpose” – the larger motivations that help propel our lives forward in positive directions: social relationships, meaning and social impact, and connection to nature and the world beyond ourselves.

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Well-being Community

Our dedicated team is an integral part of making the Center’s mission become a reality. Each person connects with our purpose and is committed to foster a culture of well-being at IE and beyond, providing collective work in support of our mission.

Well-being Student Club Leaders

Juanita Hernandez

Club President

María José Jaramillo

Vice President

Sarah Shueltheis

Event Coordinator

Alysa Lurie

Event Coordinator

Mona Mirelle Kattago

Event Coordinator

Valentina Caldas

Event Coordinator

Student Collaborators

Jidapa Sareerum

Student Collaborator

Marta Casanova

Student Collaborator

Isabel Díaz-Herrera

Student Collaborator

Well-being Team

Lisa Bevill

Director of the Center for Health & Well-being

Adriana Grossmann

Associate Director

Irene Yagüe Sancho

Associate Director

Raquel Lopez Garcia

Program Coordinator

Manuela Moscoso Sauma


Well-being Board Members

Mario Alonso Puig, M.D.

Chair of the Center for Health & Well-being

David Suarez

Vice Chair of the Center for Health & Well-being

Lisa Bevill

Director of the Center for Health & Well-being

Jaime de Aguinaga Garcia

Vice Provost

Rocío Bonet

DKV-IE Chair Employee Well-being

Soledad Atienza

Dean, IE Law School

Lee Newman

Dean, IE Business School

Ikhlaq Sidhu

Dean, IE School of Science & Technology

Mar Hurtado de Mendoza

VP, Global Recruitment & Marketing

Alba Funosas

Director, Executive Programs & Special Projects

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