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What is Global Village?

Global Village is an annual event organized by IE students in cooperation with the IE Net Impact Club and IE Campus Life. The event is a chance for all of IE to come together to celebrate our diversity through cultural performances, arts and crafts, regional cuisines, and traditional attire presented by various country clubs.

Last year's event hosted more than 500 participants including IE students, faculty, and IE collaborators. The event also featured performances by various country clubs, including presentations by Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, India, Lebanon, Bolivia, Azerbaijan, Salsa Club, Colombia, and IE Faculty of Music.

The funds raised from ticket sales are used to fund the next Social Responsibility Forum, an international congress organized by the Net Impact Club on corporate social responsibility in the Fall.

When & Where is Global Village?

Global Village 2022 has taken place May 19th at Maria de Molina!
Watch the recap video to get ready for 2023!

Additional Information for Geographic Club Coordinators:

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