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What is SRF?

The Social Responsibility Forum (SRF) is returning this November 2021 for its 15th edition! For over a decade, this event has brought together industry thought leaders, luminaries, environmental & social impact professionals, and top-tier students from across the globe to engage in forward-thinking dialogues around responsible business.

This year’s exciting one-day event focuses on the theme of Social Innovation, the business of tomorrow, and consists of a series of workshops, keynote speakers, panelists and networking opportunities. 

2021 Agenda
The theme of this year is The Regenerative Economy -How green swans can reimagine capitalism? We are all aware of the flaws of capitalism such as widening of inequality and lack of public value creation and negative externalities. However, given the urgency to act on climate change as the world has continuously agreed on during the COP 26, we do not only need to fix such flaws but also create exponential solutions to tackle the environmental crisis. This gigantic threat is also a huge opportunity for fourth sector players (such as B-corp, social enterprise, purpose driven governments) to reinvent their operations with a regenerative economy mindset to create a new future and living examples for humanities. We are hosting this event to generate interests among students into the career in fourth sector and social entrepreneurship. 

[Track 1; Emergence of fourth sector] 
In this track, we will discuss the needs to grow the fourth sector eco system and current interplay of standard setters such as B-corporation, social entrepreneurs and big corporations with transformational mindset.
We will explore the challenges all three actors face from their perspectives as well as exciting trends and growth opportunities they see. 

[Track 2;  Unlocking food potential]
In this panel discussion, we are focusing more on the emissions and climate change issues caused by the Food industry as well as the effective usage of resources starting from sourcing until the usage of wastes and by products generated throughout the food value chain.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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