Our Research & Reports

Part of the SG's purview is to conduct surveys and issue reports on our work. It is important to collect data to inform the decisions the team makes on the behalf of 6000 students.

Check them out blow to find out more about the issues raised by the student body and why certain ideas are developed and pursue.

  • Mandatory Attendance increase to 80%

    The university decided to increase mandatory attendance from 70% to 80%. Student Government was not consulted, and the communication of the decision was distributed poorly by administration.

    1. See the raw, but clean results from our opinion poll, asking the student body what they thought.

    2. We prepared a cohesive presentation on our findings of this poll.

    3. We conducted an analysis of the university's decision, and laid out the only options we see to be valid.

    4. The pre-existing issues with excused absences were only given more urgency by this change, and so we prepared a new policy on how excused absences should be managed.

    UPDATED NOTE: This is the link to the new Attendance Policy that was released August 26th, 2023. We managed to get a document in October 2023 detailing the excused absences policy (point #4 above)!

  • Class Representative Meetings March 2023

    Meetings were held across all campuses with students from all years and degrees. The meeting was chaired by the SG and the university's administration.

    Check out the report to know what concerns were raised, and what the SG's proposed solutions are!

    Read the report here!

  • Focus Groups on Disabilities & LGBTQ +

    Our team conducted small, initial focus groups to better understand two topics of great importance;

    1. How does IE handle issues and concerns related to the LGBT+ community

    2. How does IE handle issues and concerns related to people with disabilities and neurodivergents?

    Our findings are presented in this report.

  • How Students See our Quality of Campuses

    The previous SG Team, of 2022-2023, conducted a survey to better understand how students interacted with the different spaces on the two campuses used by bachelor students: the Tower in Madrid and the Segovia campus.

    The findings are presented here, along with some evaluations and suggestions.

    Survey conducted and report prepared by: Sam Ferdinand & Desislava Tsankova

  • Student's Perspectives on the Qualities of their Bachelors

    The previous SG Team, of 2022-2023, conducted a survey asking students of all degrees to share their perspectives on the quality of education received by their degree offices and the corresponding schools.

    Check out their findings here!

    Our findings are presented in this report.

    Survey conducted and report prepared by: Donovan Schar Davis & Marc Garrigos