Eligibility Requirements*:

1. Teams must consist of at least 2 co-founders and no more than 4.

2. Teams must include at least one current IE student or alumni that graduated within the last 6 months.

3. Individuals can only participate in one Venture Lab application, i.e. individuals can neither submit more than one startup-idea application (as team leader), nor can they be team members on more than one Venture Lab application.

(*Note that IMBA elective-credit seeking students have additional team requirements. See the IMBA tab on top of the website)

The 3 main selection criteria are:

INNOVATION – We seek applications from dynamic teams who put forth innovative (novel, extraordinary, revolutionary) ideas, solutions and business models; preferably those that incorporate emerging technologies into their solutions (products/services) and/or business models.

SCALABILITY – We seek applications from innovative teams, whose ideas or solutions target hyper-growth markets and are potentially attractive for angel investors and venture capitalists.

TEAM – We seek applications from innovative teams who are passionate about solving the problem they’ve identified and absolutely committed to executing a prototype of their scalable solution during Venture Lab. We seek those teams who are eager to complete Venture Lab and graduate so they can launch as soon as 90-days after completing the program.