Startup Spotlight

March 13th, 2023

Venture Street

Founded by Guillermo Flor, 2022 MBA Alumn

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November 28th, 2022

Nomu Labs

Founded by MIM 2021 Alumni

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February 5, 2023


Founded by GOMBA '22 students Priscilla Angriawan & Richard Maceiczyk

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November 14th, 2022


Founded by IE IMBA 2021 Alumni

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October 25th 2022

Zapp  - A sustainable fintech startup

Current IE Dual-Degree student, Shota Mushkudiani

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October 18th, 2022

Travel while we pay 100% of your rent.

Venture Lab September 2022 & IE Alumni

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IE Alumni Alexis Vallee (MIM 2019) and Claudia Sanchez Greca (MIM and MRCB 2020) are the founders of Arenca. Alexis and Claudia always knew they wanted to have a start-up together upon the completion of their programs. This year they decided to take that leap and create Arenca. Alexis and Claudia wanted to bring the concept of subletting while paying 100% of the rent of individuals who were absent from their rented homes for a short-period of time. They thought that if this concept worked well in France, it could definitely work in Spain too. Hence, Arenca’s focus is subletting your apartment and paying 100% of your rent while you enjoy your holidays, internships or erasmus, completely stress-free! At the same time, they ensure all the management of the apartment is taken care of in your absence.

Both founders believe their programs at IE gave them the necessary tools to help them launch their new venture. On one hand, they had the opportunity to work together in different projects, allowing them to understand their strengths and points of improvements. On the other hand, IE gave them a platform of connections that they had met through classes, events and clubs. These connections have now helped them develop Arenca. For all those interested in starting a venture like they did, they advise to go for it and try for a few months! You never know if this project could become your life-long career, just like Arenca is becoming to them!

The next steps for their company is to really bloom by getting more apartments to sublet. Therefore, if you are interested in helping Arenca out, they are offering €100 euros to anyone who lets them sublet their apartment within the coming months. You can contact them at Check out their website too at

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