Creating & Sharing Instructional Videos

Videos can be a powerful tool to communicate with your students and to explain abstract concepts. It does not only add a personal touch to your materials, it is also a valuable resource for your students that they can go back and revise to as often as needed.

Any ideas on how you can include videos to be part of your teaching materials?

Prepare for you DIY video

Do you need to explain theoretical concepts to your students?

Don´t spend valuable time during your "live" sessions to do it! You can record the lecture with ZOOM or a similar tool and post the recording on Blackboard.

Download the Guide for Creating Educational Videos Yourself »

Check out the EdTech Tools catalogue for suggested video recording software.

  • Develop a script for the lecture - it will improve the recording significantly!
  • Make sure your webcam and a microphone work properly.
  • Have the materials ready you want to share.

Record at IE @ Studio 31

Need a recording facility? IE STUDIO 31!

In two of  IE Campus' ( MM & Segovia) you have an easy-to-use studio if you want your recordings to look a bit more professional.

  • Madrid Campus: Maria de Molina 31, MM-801
  • Segovia Campus: SG 328 (still under construction)

Please make sure to reserve the Studio 31 through the room booking system!

Video tutorial on how to use IE Studio 31 (EN)

Video tutorial de cómo usar IE Studio 31 (ES)