Live Classes

Live or synchronous classes are classes where professors and students come together for a learning activity at a scheduled time. At IE, there are two types of live classes: Live in-person classes delivered in the hybrid classroom on IE Campus and live online, which are video conferences conducted 100% online.


Live in person class

All face-to-face classes at IE continue to be delivered in the hybrid classroom setting, with most students present face-to-face and some connected remotely through Zoom. Each classroom is equipped with:

  • 2 or 3 screens to display your materials and the video feeds of remote students1 Camera facing the professor
  • 1 Camera facing the professor
  • Zoom desktop application to allow remote students to connect

Check out the set-up of the hybrid classroom.

Live online class

Live online classes are 100% online. Professor and students all connect remotely at the same time, independently form the time zone they are in.

At IE, live online classes are conducted on Zoom. Find more information on your IE Zoom account.