1. Hybrid & Live VCs (synchronous)

Pedagogical Innovations in Online Education
by Prof. Kiron Ravin (Feb 2023)

How to reduce the distance in hybrid/online presentations
by Prof. Javier Chico (May 2023)

Teaching & learning in the hybrid classroom

by Prof. Ignacio Gafo (July 2020)
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How to structure a hybrid session

by Prof. Patricia Gabaldón (July 2020)

Info session about the hybrid classroom

by IE Learning Innovation (July 2020)

How to excel at video conferences

by Prof. Javier Bernad (July 2020)

Effective teaching with Zoom (beginners)

by Prof. Edgar González Moreno (July 2020)

Pedagogical Innovations in Online Education

by Prof. Kiron Ravindran (July 2020)
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Basics: Introduction to Zoom

by IE Learning Innovation (July 2020)

Básico: Introducción a Zoom

by IE Learning Innovation (July 2020)

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2. Asynchronous Learning

Introdución a Blackboard ULTRA

by Dolores Pérez-Lafuente (July 2021)

Introduction to Blackboard ULTRA

by Ulrike Klaussner (March 2022)

Example: Interactive documents (FeedbackFruits)

by Prof. Andrew McCarthy (May 2021)

Example: Record video to explain new concepts

by Prof. Patricia Gabaldon (May 2021)

Transforming your Digital Classroom

by MIRO (Sept 2021)

Example: Interactive discussion

by Prof. Felipe Quintana (May 2021)

Example: Peer review (FeedbackFruits)

by Prof. Andrew McCarthy (May 2021)

Example: MIRO for project work

by Prof. Pablo Vidal Areán (May 2021)

MIRO:Engaging students in new ways

by Prof. Igor Bragado (Nov 2020)

Activating study materials

by FeedbackFruits (June 2021)

Peer review activities

by Feedback Fruits (June 2021)

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3. Assessments & Grading

Quizzes, exams and beyond

by Prof. Felipe Quintana (July 2020)

Best practices - Roundtable

by Prof. Fernando Pastor & Prof. Eugenia Castrillón (Sept 2020)

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Managing the gradebook in Bb ULTRA (EN)

by Carmen Molina (Oct 2021)

Gestionar Gradebook en Bb ULTRA (ES)

by Lola Pérez-Lafuente (Sept 2021)

Creación de exámenes y actividades en Bb ULTRA (ES)

by Lola Pérez-Lafuente (Sept 2021)

4. Teaching Dynamics

Designing Better Courses: Blending the Best of Pre- and Post-Pandemic Pedagogy

by Prof. Robert Austin, Ivey Business School (July 2021)
(Harvard Business Publishing Education)

Getting - and then keeping - students engaged

by Prof. Mike Roberto, Bryant University (March 2021)
(Harvard Business Publishing Education)

Designing a Curriculum for online and Hybrid Classes

by Prof. Yael Grushka-Cockayne, Darden School of Business (July 2020)
(Harvard Business Publishing Education)