Sleep & Recovery

Sleep is essential to our mental, physical and emotional functioning and as a society, we are not getting enough sleep. Sleep allows the brain to “save” the learning from the day, process the emotional experiences and supports physical recovery. Both quantity and quality are important factors to consider. Start with quantity! Consider a reasonable time to go to bed and set up systems to ease the transition into sleep, such as limiting the use of technology and blue light.

We invest our time into learning, and sleep is a critical part of that investment. How can we reframe the biological need for sleep and support ourselves in shaping a positive university experience through rested interaction and learning?

Manage Your Energy, Manage Your Life!

The most valuable and essential resource we have is not time; it is energy. Learn the importance of maximizing your energy to ward off stress, as well as to move you closer to your life goals. Understand why the energy you give off matters and how energy plays a fundamental role in establishing new habits. As you look to expand yourself personally and as a leader, it is fundamental to understand your energetics, dynamics at play, and the systems you are up against, including your nervous system and the role of the primal brain. Walk away with tools and resources to manage your energy throughout the day.

Facilitator: Brooke Richardson, Energy Practitioner & Transformational Coach

How To Sleep (& Learn) Better

This weekly workshop explores the purpose and funcioning of sleep, as well as the connection with body and mind. We consider ways to positively impact our well-being through a proactive approach to sleep hygiene and sleep routines that are particularly relevant to the student lifestyle.

Facilitator: Lisa Bevill, Academic Director at the Center for Health & Well-being

How Sleep Works

Why We Sleep - Matthew Walker

Professor Matthew Walker is Director of UC Berkeley’s Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab and author of the acclaimed "why we sleep". In this video he discusses the latest discoveries about sleep and how it impacts our life, well-being, and lifespan

How Sleep Can Transform Society - Lisa Bevill

We think of sleep as an individual responsibility, but if we were all better rested we would be more engaged, resilient, and empathetic, explains Lisa Bevill, Director of the IE Center for Health & Well-being

Resources to Fall Asleep

Best apps to track your sleep

Review by VeryWell Mind
Sleep tracker apps analyze your sounds, movement, and behaviors as you sleep to give you a clear snapshot of the duration and quality of your sleep. Check out this thorough review by VeryWellMind


Headspace Guide to Sleep

Documentary on Netflix
Each episode unpacks misconceptions, offers friendly tips and concludes with a guided wind-down.


Sleep With Me – The Podcast That Puts You To Sleep

Bedtime stories to help grown ups fall asleep in the deep, dark night. A podcast is always a better option than a video to reduce screen time before sleeping.

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