Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, without judgement. Mindfulness has been proven to support greater self-compassion, positive emotions, focus and contentment.

Meditation is a mindfulness practice to train our capacity for attention and support well-being. There are many forms of meditation and we encourage you to leverage curiosity, kindness and courage to explore meditation as a way to support your mental and emotional resilience and to foster greater presence in your academic life.

Joins us for our weekly guided meditation practices. No experience required, just an open mind. Guided by an experienced teacher, we take a moment to ground & center ourselves in the present moment.

Offered throughout the Academic Year!

Taking a moment to breathe and find balance before we engage in the next task in our busy routines can make a big difference. Our Meditation Rooms are ideal to take that moment.

No need to book it! You may use it whenever it's available. Please make sure to respect other user's peace and quiet.


Maria de Molina (Floor 1 - Reflection Room)


IE Tower (T-19.06)

Mastering your Mind in the Digital Era

We are living in a digital era where relentless stimuli target us at a faster pace than our minds are able to process. Getting to know our inner-self becomes almost mandatory if we want to live a good and productive life. But this endeavour is more difficult than ever due to the exponential external stimuli and distractions. Our minds are more scattered than ever and, as a result, we feel de-focused and unproductive which can lead to a negative spiral of anxiety, depression, addiction and general dissatisfaction with our choices.

Traditional and new techniques that allow us to become more aware of how our minds, our thoughts, our emotions and our bodies work together and how we react to the growing external stimuli around us are very helpful in this context. Only by investing some time in our own self-discovery we can enhance our self-awareness as a first step to further learn how to regulate ourselves in the myriad of challenges and stressors that surround us.


  • Advanced Seminars (Bachelor's students) - Learn more
  • Well-being Extracurriculars (Master's students) - Learn more

Breathe With Intention: Helpful Breathwork and Embodiment Techniques for Moments of Stress and Anxiety

Breathwork techniques are something we can learn and use any time we need them. With practice and dedication, they can become part of our self-care practice and help us in times when we feel stress and anxiety coming on.

Facilitator: Brittany Rios, Certified Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama teacher

Developing Your Appreciative Intelligence for Well-being

Appreciative Intelligence® is the ability to reframe and see the generative potential in a challenging situation and to engage in purposive action to transform the potential to positive outcomes

Facilitator: Tojo Thatchenkery, Ph.D. Professor and Director of the M.S. in Organization Development & Knowledge Management program at the Schar School of Policy & Government, George Mason University,


Science behind Mindfulness

The Dalai Lama: Scientist

Documentary about the Dalai Lama's meetings with scientists from around the world to find commonalities among Buddhist science and western science to promote health, understanding and compassion for all.

Yoga Playlists & Channels

Yoga with Adrienne

"Practicing daily yoga for 20-30 mins have changed my life. It brings me joy, peace and helps me to keep deveopling a mindful and beginner's mind. Check out her 30 day challenge!" - Recommended by Prof. Tania Romero

Yoga for Men Series

This series by Breath & Flow was created to encourage more men to try yoga. However, it's suitable for everyone! - Recommended by Gonzalo Llanes

Xual Lan Yoga in Spanish

One of the best yoga channels in Spanish for all levels. Xual Lan became famous during the pandemic when she introduced thousands of people to yoga. - Recommended by Almudena Veganzones