Community & Connection

Belonging and quality connections with others are some of the keys to a happy life. At IE, we strive to foster these connections and long-lasting friendships amongst students, professors, faculty, and alumni because we recognize the impact these have on each individual's life experience. They simultaneously foster and enrich the community as a whole.

Own Your Experience!

Campus Life is the nexus of the IE University student experience. It is a medium for students to connect with each other, with internal departments, alumni, and key contacts that transcend the IE community to support learning and networking beyond academic programs. After all, we believe transformation happens inside and outside of the classroom. Our goal is to strengthen our community and provide you with the guidance, tools, and spaces to enhance your experience, foster new connections, develop your soft skills and bring your ideas to life.

With over 6.000 students from 130 different countries, over 100 clubs, and approximately 1.500 yearly events, there’s always something happening at IE University. Be part of the exciting life at IE and join our weekly traditions such as Campus Life Tuesdays and Music Wednesdays. Check out all students clubs and join them here!

The opportunities to develop personally and professionally are endless. Own your experience and get involved! Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date @iecampuslife.

Campus Life Tuesdays

Join us every Tuesday for snacks and drinks to meet fellow students from diferent years and bachelors, to get to know the Campus Life and Sports & Well-being teams, and discover fun opportunities with clubs and other departments which will help you maximize your IE experience! Every week on all campuses.

Music Wednesdays

Let's come together as a community and connect through music! Join us every Wednesday at the IE Tower Piano Lounge (-4 floor) for concerts, jam sessions, karaoke, talent shows and more! A joint initiative brought to you by the Arts & Humanities Division, Campus Life, IE Foundation and IE’s Talent Department. Participate and share your musical talents with us here!
Join as a star performer or as part of the cheering audience.

Social Sports

Drop-in to get some exercise, hang out with friends, or to try something new! IE Sports & Well-being offers an array of social open sports on a daily basis. Take advantage of that break before or in between classes to have fun and connect with fellow students!


Authentic Connection Through Storytelling & Dialogue

In today's complex and challenging world, there is more need than ever for authentic connection, empathy, and collaboration. It has taken a global health crisis for organizations and leaders to spotlight the vital roles of emotional intelligence and effective communication in both public and private sectors.

In this course, we travel on a very practical discovery journey through which students will work on drawing connections between their authentic selves and their communication. Skills incorporated in the journey include emotional agility, curiosity, nonverbal communication, improvisation, storytelling, and perspective taking.


  • Advanced Seminars (Bachelor's students) - Learn more
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Having Secrets and Revealing them: their Impact on Well-being

Scientific research has shown that carrying secrets can have a detrimental impact on the secret-holder's well-being, whereas disclosing them has a positive impact on well-being. Professor Borja Paredes' research aims at exploring the conditions under which revealing secrets improves well-being. This session goes over the scientific literature on secrets as well as his own ongoing contribution to the field.

Facilitator: Borja Paredes Sansinenea, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor at IE University & Tenure Professor at UAM

Developing meaningful connections and relationships

Forging relationships in both our professional and personal lives is fundamental to our success, health and well-being. In this session we share some best practices for building effective relationships with others incorporating empathy, respect, and authentic connection.

Facilitator: Ellen Buckland, Adjunct Professor at IE University & Founder of Contemporary Empathy

No person is an island: The Importance of Connectivity in Well-being

Acts of kindness, empathy and compassion enable us to reach out beyond our physical constraints, positively impact others, generating a sense of connection and belonging which may have been absent over long periods of both 2020 and 2021.

Panel: Prof. Declan Noone and Sarah Shouman, Head of Youth Union, UNRWA in Lebanon


We are not really Strangers (WNRS)

We're Not Really Strangers is a purpose driven card game and movement all about empowering meaningful connections. It's a poweful way to get to know others at a deeper level! You can play it online free here

IG @werenotreallystrangers

Disconnect to Reconnect

Relationships are the #1 predictor of happiness; we are living in a world where we are not deeply connected with our loved ones due to technoloy. We have to disconnect to reconnect.

Loneliness and Our Craving for Community