Creativity is generally believed to be something external and attainable but, in fact, we as humans are first and foremost creation. We are creativity from the moment we exist since we come into being out of an incomparable change. Naturally, the course of our life comes with layers (cultural, personal, conscious, unconscious) which, although protective, are overlapping and may eventually dull our inner essence. There are resources at IE intended to offer experiences that identify audience’s inner creativity, promote divergent thinking, are likely to becoming opportunities for growth with the power to form and transform further micro-communities.

  • IE Creativity Center

    IE Creativity Center is a thriving Community, an enterprise intended to offer experiences around Arts, Humanities and Self-Awareness methodologies with the power to transform wider audiences.

    The Center is a ubiquitous resource, a way of thinking serving as avenue to help developing individuals’ full potential. Though Segovia-based, it has recently landed in the IE Tower and will launch activity in María de Molina anytime soon.

    Further info via its Instagram account @ie.creativitycenter and through


Museo Real Casa de Moneda de Segovia
C. la Moneda, s/n, 40003 Segovia

This space is a ten-minute walk from the IE University campus, and less than forty minutes from the capital city Madrid.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 3:30pm to 8:30pm.

*Please note: With advanced request, it is possible to use this space during weekday mornings.

Arts & Thought weekly encounters

This is not a course to generate art works but intended to use art as an avenue to uncover skills for both professional & personal transformation. Led by a profound artist, notions on inner-capacities, self-growth, self-actualization, fear not to challenges, community spirit, language barriers, identity and the embracement of transcendence are core in this fun, unique IE Arts Community.

Frequency: weekly

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Self-Awareness Methodologies: I am Creativity

Are you Creativity? We understand creativity to be something external and attainable, or not, but in fact, we are creation, we are creativity from the moment we exist.

Frequency: weekly

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Improv Series & Theatre Advice Seminar

The art of performing is pure purpose, and it awakens sense of belonging. Performances takes stress off, while taking turns in directing, writing, or acting means that everyone faces adaptation, shares equal responsibility, learns skills to gain experience and confidence without leaving behind the fun factor theatre is all about.

Frequency: specific dates (regularly)

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Creative Writing Seminar: the very thick of Storytelling

Storytelling is a coherent story of ourselves: we are the authors of our days, and every day, we are able to rewrite and interpret our story the way we decide. Writing does not only give us perspective of our own circumstances, life tests and dreams, but it is actually reliably applicable to university’s writing assignments too. Last but not least, one of the most captivating writers of recent times will be leading it

Frequency: biweekly.

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Music for a Mindset: Transcendent opportunities by means of Music

Music is “the universal language of mankind”. This is to say we might not always understand one another regardless of our language or background. However, when it comes to music, potential culture barriers are set aside leaving room to mutual understanding. This seminar prepares participants to firstly take part in #SegoJazz22 to then understand who is ready to produce original songs with the lead of an international musical producer.

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IE Arts Club

The main two objectives of our club are to get all kind of students to embrace their artistic side and experience it, and to create a final art exhibition at IE at the end of the year with the possibility of fundraising for non-profit organizations.

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IE Music Club

The IE Music Club is our joint attempt, as musicians in IE, to create an active musical atmosphere in which we can all participate, grow, and enjoy.

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Creative & Divergent Thinking

Divergent vs Convergent Thinking

Convergent thinking is more linear and systematic, while divergent thinking is more web-like finding connections between ideas and expanding more options.

Convergent thinking asks "Why?". Divergent thinking asks "Why not?".