Journey: Learning & Perspective

The journey implies movement, on the way and in the processing of arriving. Often, we focus heavily on the destination or goal we have set, not realizing the joy, experience and learning that comes in reaching any milestone. We actively aim to foster a growth mindset through this concept of journey, that learning comes from the being and to enjoy each moment along the way. How can we cultivate greater presence in the day to day, appreciate the ownership, decision-making and effort that comes with pursuing our goals, in leading a fulfilling life and in being the best version of ourselves along the way?

Living with Purpose: An Experiential Journey

Purpose is a beacon that can guide us through the darkest of storms. This is especially true in a culture characterised by a deep fear of uncertainty.

During this course, we explore what true, authentic purpose feels like, and how we can use it to thrive in both our professional environment as well as our personal lives. Within the session, we will explore several keys to enter the right state to tune in to that “whisper that lies in all of us”, as well as explore why many current approaches to finding purpose add stress to the lives of millennials and distance them from their objective.


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On-Demand Sessions by IE Faculty

Well-being Starts with a Growth Mindset

Join this discussion on well-being and how we can approach greater awareness and practice through cultivating a growth mindset.

Facilitators: Mario Alonso Puig, Borad President of the IE Center for Health & Well-being, & Academic Director Lisa Bevill

How Detachment Increases Your Ability to Feel and Cultivate Joy

We all want to experience joy, we want to have more of it in our daily lives so we seek for it. There are many ways to cultivate this feeling, and we want to mention some of them, but there is one people don’t often think about: detachment.

It is a fact that our attachment to pleasure and experiencing “the positive” is one of the main sources of our suffering. Learn how to practice detachment and cultivate joy in a wholesome manner.

Facilitator: Aída López & Paulina Cal y Mayor, from Bangardia Consulting Psychology


Growth Mindset

Dr. Carol Dweck on Growth vs Fixed Mindset

Dr. Dweck coined the terms fixed mindset and growth mind in her research. In this talk she describes two ways to think about a problem that’s slightly too hard for you to solve, and the power of "yet".