Self-Regulation & Stress Management

Emotions are signals, yet often times, the hecticness of life minimizes the awareness of our rich emotional experiences. By gaining greater capacity to appreciate all emotions, to “sit” or "be with" emotions, to understand where they are coming from and to move forward with an intentional response supports balance and greater emotional management, which in turn can support better stress management and how we shape our experience.

Building on positive psychology, we encourage students to increase their awareness of all emotions and to intentionally focus on the good, to cultivate more positive emotions to support well-being, engagement and flourishing.


Building Resilience in Times of Change

Resilience means getting stronger in the face of a challenge. It means developing the skills and confidence to overcome adversity in a way that brings more learning and strength to our life. As Nobel Prize-winning philosopher Albert Camus once said, “In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”

We are going to face adversity, setbacks, and disappointments in our life. Suffering is an inevitable part of every human existence. Our achievements and well-being will depend on how well we respond to these challenges. Resilient people are better at bouncing back after a disappointment or a failure. As a result, they are more courageous and tenacious.


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On-Demand Sessions by IE Faculty

How Detachment Increases Your Ability To Feel & Cultivate Joy

We all want to experience joy, we want to have more of it in our daily lives so we seek for it. There are many ways to cultivate this feeling, and we want to mention some of them, but there is one people don’t often think about: detachment.

It is a fact that our attachment to pleasure and experiencing “the positive” is one of the main sources of our suffering. Learn how to practice detachment and cultivate joy in a wholesome manner.

Facilitator: Aída López & Paulina Cal y Mayor, from Bangardia Consulting Psychology

Manage your Energy, Manage your Life

The most valuable and essential resource we have is not time; it is energy. Learn the importance of maximizing your energy to ward off stress, as well as to move you closer to your life goals. Understand why the energy you give off matters and how energy plays a fundamental role in establishing new habits. As you look to expand yourself personally and as a leader, it is fundamental to understand your energetics, dynamics at play, and the systems you are up against, including your nervous system and the role of the primal brain. Walk away with tools and resources to manage your energy throughout the day.

Facilitator: Brooke Richardson, Energy Practitioner & Transformational Coach

Make Stress your Ally in Challenging Times

Stress is a natural human response that we can learn to train. In this workshop, we will start by briefly learning about its physiological mechanism and how it is different from anxiety. We explore a few short-term and long-term techniques to prepare for our academic and personal commitments more effectively.

Facilitator: Taiki Kubota, IEU Counseling Director


Breathe With Intention: Helpful Breathwork and Embodiment Techniques for Moments of Stress and Anxiety

Breathwork techniques are something we can learn and use any time we need them. With practice and dedication, they can become part of our self-care practice and help us in times when we feel stress and anxiety coming on.

Facilitator: Brittany Rios, Certified Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama teacher

Recovery: Moving Perspective Towards Growth During a Crisis

Traumatic is the adjective that best describes the lived experience of this pandemic for the majority of us. Survival, in so many different ways, became our base setting. How can we flip the switch? How can we move from a survival mindset to a growth mindset? The power to do so lies within your. You have agency. Own it, be it, do it!!

Panel: Prof. Declan Noone, Prof. Silvia Centeno and Alumnus Minu Nair


How to Build Resilience

Article by Prof. Silvia Centeno, adjunct professor of resilience, for IE Insights