Exercise & Movement

Physical exercise is critical for our health, but it also helps us rejuvenate our energy and it generates bodily neurotransmitters called endorphins that make us feel good – an effect often called “runner’s high”. A growing body of research shows that even small amounts of frequent exercise is sufficient to give us this performance advantage.

It’s a scientific fact that that our bodies play a critical role in giving us the energy and stamina we need to perform at high levels in our academic, professional and personal lives. Yet, many people have trouble finding the time for even a brisk walk, a quick run, or a short yoga session. Eating high-quality foods can also be challenging amid the fast-pace of modern life and the prevalence of processed and packaged foods.

Recreational Sports

Stay active, have fun, and set your healthy habits by joining any number of the amazing experiences available through our Rec Sports.
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Athletic Center

The on-campus Athletic Center is designed specifically so our community can stay in motion. Gym, pool, courts… Head over to the Athletic Reservations Web App to make time for your exercise.

Outdoor Rec Sports Facilities

The on-campus outdoor sports facilities are designed specifically so our community can stay in motion. Basketball, football, functional training…  Head over to the Athletic Reservations Web App to make time for your exercise.

IE University Teams

Continue with your personal transformation by performing at peak levels in both athletics and academics. IE Athletics offers you the chance to continue your performance training as a student-athlete. Got what it takes?

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On Demand Sessions by IE Faculty

Movement Microbreaks

The best way to learn is to try! Get inspired by various types of micro-movements that can be adapted to your workday. Bonus: these breaks double as quick recovery and stress management sessions!

Facilitator: Jessica P. Cygan, Well-being & Performance Coach

Manage Your Energy, Manage Your Life!

The most valuable and essential resource we have is not time; it is energy. Learn the importance of maximizing your energy to ward off stress, as well as to move you closer to your life goals. Understand why the energy you give off matters and how energy plays a fundamental role in establishing new habits. As you look to expand yourself personally and as a leader, it is fundamental to understand your energetics, dynamics at play, and the systems you are up against, including your nervous system and the role of the primal brain. Walk away with tools and resources to manage your energy throughout the day.

Facilitator: Brooke Richardson, Energy Practitioner & Transformational Coach

Tech Neck Corrective Postural Program

This series presents an easy-to-follow corrective program for the Tech Neck, one of the most common postural deviations in our time consisting of rounded shoulders and head carried forward.

Facilitator: Daniela Hervella, Adjunct Professor of Vitality at the Center for Health & Well-being

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